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Thread: Hi from Szczecin

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    I'm Jacek.

    Default Hi from Szczecin

    I'm speaker designer - made designs for www.horns.pl years 2010-2013, AiA Cinema (Black Swan). At home use with great pleasure Quad ESL57 + Crown 1002Xti and Dual DT-250 turntable. Big fan of Tubis Trio band.

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    Hi Jacek, ashamed to say I had to google to find out Szczecin is in Poland. Welcome to AoS. Some interesting designs there, and a great system. Tubis Trio Band I too have never heard of, so more googling for me! Enjoy the forum.

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    I'm Shane.


    Howdy! Welcome to AOS.

    Have fun.

    Shane Lonergan.

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    I'm Jacek.


    Szczecin was third city in Germany pre 1939. For the music important thanks to modern concert hall. Also check Bolewski Tubis duett song "Promise" (Spotify, Tidal), modern melodic Jazz. filharmonia-w-szczecinie-fot-filip-kacalski450.jpg

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    I'm Lawrence.


    Ah, Stettin, capital of Pomerania, now I understand why I didn't recognise the name.

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    I'm Geoff.


    Hello Jacek. Welcome to AOS.

    We have a few speaker designers and builders here, so no doubt your ideas will be of interest.

    You'll find this is a friendly place with a lot going on, so just join in the chat.

    Enjoy the forum,
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    I'm Jacek.



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    Welcome to AoS Jacek,

    So you design horn-loaded speakers, yet you don't use them at home? Well at least you use Quad 57s at home, so not all bad.

    Apart from the Tubis Trio band what are your tastes in music? I'm please to say there is a thriving Jazz scene in Poland.

    Enjoy the forum

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    I'm Jacek.


    Hi Barry,

    I like waveguides like Mummy speaker (controlled directivity, wide sweet spot) but prefer esl57 (had esl63, 2805) - you can listen low level with pleasure. I'm not audiophile type, listen to music most in car on stock audio, live concerts. Have some ideas so possible make new horn models next months. Now full time busy with child.

    Jazz is thriving in Poland for sure - Mozdzer, Pawlik. I like them very much also Kurylewicz:

    https://youtu.be/fUNyJLic-8M - Komeda, film music
    https://youtu.be/7yqN848i9xY - Depeche Mode cover

    Pawlik's Night in Calisia was extraordinary in Szczecin Concert Hall. Also this old school from my childchood:

    https://youtu.be/5u-wXHkPIjA - yes yes yes

    https://youtu.be/QRxH-II0OsA - summer concerts
    https://youtu.be/nKJK7WOltoY - AR
    https://youtu.be/E8NdiQPpeo4 - AR
    https://youtu.be/KrL54yUEXaE - young talent
    https://youtu.be/-XOjCerjCsE - relax
    https://youtu.be/4rJO3J9eiNA - duett

    At the moment I'm exploring:
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    I'm Jacek.


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