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Thread: caiman seg

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    Default caiman seg

    Hi i am new to the site and i currently own an old jec 7500 but was thinking of buying a caiman seg,i rarely have any funds available to upgrade so would the improvement be significant.Also i have a good friend who would like to buy the old one off me (won't accept it as a gift even though i have had more than my monies worth of enjoyment from my old DAC) so what would be a fair price for it.
    Many thanks
    Just a quick update i have convinced my friend to take my old DAC free of charge
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    I've no idea about the JEC but do own a SEG which I'm more than happy with. As Stan offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee or your money back, you can't really go wrong.

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    Hello Festy,

    I also have no idea about you Jec dac.

    Yes this is good dac and in comparison to many other dacs in term of sound and functionality of the same price and more expensive dacs its a winner.

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    Hi festy I trust you have a SEG by now and enjoying your music
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