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Thread: Thorns td 160 super

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    Default Thorns td 160 super

    Hi all I’ve been trying a few times mats on my thorens so far tried the funk firm mat my crystal glass 6mm mat a cork mat and felt mat but none seem as good as the thorens mat that came with it just wondering if anyone has found the perfect mat for this tt or have I already found it
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    I did a mat shout out on my garrard 301 and I found that the stock rubber 301 mat was excellent and only toppled by something costing several hundred pounds. I also found a similar result on my Lenco 75. I wouldn't put anything too heavy on the delicate Spring system as you can overload it and then knacker then effects it has from protecting the platter from motor vibration.

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    The mat thing takes into account 4 factors if ever. Not taking into account it's effective thickness that which is to compensate for non VTA adjustable tonearms.

    The first one being the dampening factor that can be more or less relevant into regard of the turntable drive system and/or to the cartridge sensibility to magnetism.

    This should affect playback as is the density of the mat. The denser it is the better the coupling of it's surface to the record flip-side. That which is preferred by most.

    Then you have the static build-up and exchanger that most are logically struggling against. There the surface material of the mat can have a drastic impact.

    Finally you have one's use with their records. For instance I play mainly 45's and need a soft enough surface to drop and pick up my singles while the platter is spinning...

    So you can either purchase the expensive thing made of undisclosed NASA material or test with cheap bits of cork and soft leather first if it works for you or not.
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