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Thread: I have my mojo for vinyl returned to me – Lost for a while

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    I'm Andy.

    Default I have my mojo for vinyl returned to me – Lost for a while

    Over the last few months or so, had lost my drive to play my vinyl records.
    Thought it about time to rejuvenate that interest, as I have enjoyed spinning the black stuff greatly since I was a lad (a very long time ago now)

    Decide to keep the TT and arm as is, a Nottingham Analogue Dais and Graham Phantom II.
    A new cartridge was what I decide to change. The current ones I have are now a bit aged.
    A Mysonic Emminent, had for 15+ years has been re-tipped previously but seems to have gone off song recently. Could be just a re-build needed. But feel the need so recent from the first work could be telling me it is just tired out. Though when it was returned from the re-build I was initially very pleased but it seemed to go off song soon after, still good but not where it should be. The other cartridge is a Koetsu Black an original now about 20 years old.

    So, having a chat with my local dealer Simon at HiFi Sound, he knows what I like. I have bought the majority of gear from him over the years, including my analogue and digital current setup.
    Decided on a Hana HL cartridge.

    So yesterday pulled the TT and tonearm apart completely and rebuilt it after a good clean and putting the tonearm settings to something different. That makes sure when I came to setup the Phantom, I move all the adjustments to their new positions and the mechanics have all been moved and operated.

    After a bit of time spent ensuring all was setup well and I was happy. Time to spin the first piece of vinyl, what to choose. First up Leonard Cohen – Ten New Songs, followed by Gary Numan – Savage and Michael Hedges – Watching My Life Go By.

    Without getting to wordy ( I am rubbish at describing sounds and it is a very personal thing anyway ), I am seriously impressed on my initial spins, and that the Hana ML is well worth my cost. It has a nice disposition, the mids neither lean or bloated but just right for my ears, musical could be the term. The highs are clean and extended, no signs of sibilance. Very even handed. The bass is deep and clean, not ultimate deep but very well balanced in context with the ML as a whole package.
    So, early stages I know, I am expecting things to open up and change a touch when the suspension settles in a bit. I’ll revisit all the settings during the coming weeks, and maybe do some fine tuning, but not expecting to need to do much TBH.

    I have played with the cartridge loading on my Audiovalve Sunilda, and quick settled on 470μF capacitance and 100Ω cartridge loading.

    Enjoy your day all, I certainly will be.

    TT 220619 - 3.jpg

    Andy - SDDW
    Andy - SDDW

    Electrical Engineer - Bio-Mass Power Station

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    I'm I'mteachingmarcotheartofpishanto.


    Great result , Welcome back to the black stuff
    Music is vinyl it fills the gaps between silence !

    TAT Sale post Leader " Marcos Mentor "

    Also a pishanto specialist confirmed by Head Daftee

    Real name " Allen " or "Zoomer Nut”, “Numpty Napper”.


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    I'm James.


    470uF should get rid of the highs nicely presume you mean 470pF?

    Funnily enough I've spent the morning testing capacitance in my phono stage/SUT collection. What a difference the loading makes to the performance of the system (on an oscilloscope) quite apart from interaction with the cartridge. I've now got optimal values for zobels for my three SUTs on their different gain settings. Haven't put it into practice with the black stuff yet though...cant wait!

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    I'm Russell.


    That is a beautiful set up! I particularly envy the Phantom II! I’m not familiar with the Hana ML, it’s news to me. But I do know that 20 years on any cartridge is a long life, and I’m sure it was time for some new blood.

    Those of us old enough to remember spinning vinyl back in our younger days have some nostalgia involved in playing vinyl today. Except now we have much better kit to play them on! There seems a certain bit of magic in spinning an old favorite, and hearing it like new again.

    My cartridge isn’t that old, but your story makes me want an upgrade! I’m off to do some shopping.


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    I'm Paul.


    Back to the dark side! HaHa!

    Really nice setup you have there. I can’t imagine that neither your tonearm or tt will ever date.

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    I'm Andy.


    Hi Guys

    Cheers for you replies.
    Mojo definitely back. First time in a while I'm looking at buying vinyl again. Though I have a lot to choose from anyway.
    Had a great weekend quite happy with the initial setup, will revisit the settings later to check.

    James you are right, Pico not Micro. The cartridge loading does have a major effect on the sound, though I have found I can dial Resistance in quickly.
    Once you get it right it's very obvious. The capacitance is somewhat different, I find I will do the changes and settle with it a while, then go higher then lower than my chosen setting to confirm my choice.
    I am quite lucky in having the Sunilda phono stage with the ability to change the settings on the fly.

    I can personally recommend the Hana with out reservation, the others in the range equally have a great reputation too.

    Russell, you are dead right with the nostalgia remark, it great to pick up a piece of the Black Stuff, check out the art work, remove the disc, place it on the platter and set it off spinning.
    It really must be an age thing.
    By the way, it's not my fault if you spend too much on new gear. But you will enjoy yourself in the process.

    The Dais/Phantom and Hana are keepers. Though I have had other TT's in the past Audio Note TT3, Feickert Twin, and a Redpoint B. The current combo really hits the spot.
    The one other tonearm I have owned and admire is the Helius Omega. A design I really like and appeals to my engineering background.

    Enjoy your day guys,

    Andy - SDDW
    Andy - SDDW

    Electrical Engineer - Bio-Mass Power Station

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    I'm Mike.


    I use a Hana SL and have a new one in reserve.

    In my, fairly extensive, mid level cart experience, they are the best value cart, sound per pound, available today.
    My kit, subject to change, frequently -

    TT: Goldring Lenco G99 / Technoarm / Hana SL
    Amps: Denon PMA-850, TVC pre / N.E.W. A60 power
    CD Player: Doge 6
    Music discovery: Tidal through Laptop into Topping D50s
    Speakers: Teribil Audio Katt Kista's
    RCM: Okki Nokki 2

    To the privileged, equality is a backward step

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    I'm Andy.


    It's only been a week, but still very much enjoying the ML.
    Though I still need to baybe give to arm some small final adjustments, I can't fault it.
    In fact just been to HMV this morning and bought some vinyl, the first time in a while TBH.
    Bruce Springsteen - Western Stars, Mark Knopfler - Down the Road Wherever and Ian Hunter - Fingers Crossed.

    I'm defo an unashamed Hana convert.
    Andy - SDDW

    Electrical Engineer - Bio-Mass Power Station

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    Good to hear from you again Andy.

    And it's good to hear you are enjoying vinyl again. What caused the pause in listening? Anyway you're back to spinning the old black stuff!

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    I'm Shaun.


    Hey Donkey that is bloody good news. I lost my interest last year and sold the bloody lot. Not a massive mistake but of course it closes a door I shouldn't have closed. There is now no going back.

    An old friend once told me "Never burn your bridges". Clearly once again I didn't listen.

    I still have my fabbest ever vinyl though

    Bridges, burn; me..?

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