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Thread: Anyone got experience of colin wonfor’s LS25 and atlas ascent 2 mkii speaker cable ?

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    I'm Colin.


    Quote Originally Posted by Discopants View Post
    Colin is the LS 50 just a biwire version of LS 25 ? Or is it for single runs too ?
    Single runs are available the one shown was a Custom made version.

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    I'm Bruce.


    In my experience, the following have made a significant difference to 3D soundstage, with the sense of instruments having their own depth, not just depth between them:
    • Equal distance from the front wall. Millimetres count. 3mm off is the difference between nice and sounding “locked in.”
    • Not being father away from the speakers than the distance between them.
    • Open, unbroken space between listener and speakers. This gives a fuller, more natural embodiment of the instruments, where it sounds like it is coming from the 3D instrument not a flat 2D instrument. I find it hard to achieve this absence of central furniture in a lounge used for living.

    The following are significant factors but preliminary to a soundstage, not 3D per se:
    • Toe in mostly deals with lateral focus, separation, and openness in my experience.
    • Noise floor and detail are also significant factors overall.

    Theories are not so much answers as questions, to be supported or undermined by experience & testing.

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    Loudspeakers: Proac Response 1sc on roller bearings.
    Cables/stands: spkr: MIT MH-750; IC: HT Truthlink, Vampire AI2; Target stands, sand-filled; Excel Cat6A 23AWG UFTP & 1attack.de Cat.7 SFTP.
    Other: Balanced AC transformer to hydra mains distr; Bass traps & Acoustic panels; Isolation: Inner tube & roller bearings; 3xZyxel ES104A switches in series w/Vreg upgrades & Meanwell PSU w/DCneg-Earth shunts.

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    I'm Martin.


    The DNM resolution is a definite step up from Atlas ascent 2 mk II in my system.

    Better clarity in the mids and bass especially. I thought I lost a bit of shimmer from cymbals but after a week of listening, I've noticed better clarity in other treble effects like chimes.

    The soundstage is slightly smaller in width and height but better depth giving more sense of space between instruments and voices.

    DNM resolution is a great cable for the money. DIY 2m pair and short length for jumpers. £95 all in. I bought 4mm stackable low mass z plugs.

    However I also bought the LS25 from Howard here, too good a price to refuse.
    2 days in and it's even better than the DNM. Just offers even more of the same. Bass is the most noticeable especially on plucked strings, the resonance here is very satisfying. Mids and treble also have even greater clarity. The tone being that much more natural. Soundstage has a little more height and more depth, speakers have totally disappeared. Hearing a lower noise floor too. Very happy with the ls25 I got an absolute bargain and have to hand it to Colin.

    Think I'm almost done tweaking my system. I don't listen near field and I still wouldn't say I had 3d soundstage but I am very happy with it non the less.

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