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Thread: UPS Warning - Donít Bother!!!!

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    Topic covered before (2013 here) so no idea if still valid........

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    Good call that thread!
    I have used gti distribution on a couple of occasions and the couriers have been totally superb. I had an old, delicate and essentially valueless valve oscilloscope brought down from the North. The courier had a long chat about how he'd used the same model when working for Leak Wharfedale research labs in the early 1970s. Their model is bespoke service: one item per vehicle, proper care. They take HiFi items as additional when it works, but the point is the van is essentially a single drop vehicle, and there is no massive pressure on time. So they take care.
    Very highly recommended

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    I just bought another amp , the seller has elected to send it by... UPS
    I will update...

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    All good, it was delivered by the new boy. Hopefully a corner turned, and I hope the old employee hasn't been sent elsewhere to ruin other people's stuff.
    All good, phew!

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    I think a few of you have touched on the real issue with these carriers, and that is; individuals in the minority spoiling the service for the whole company!
    As i said in an earliar post, i have dealt with UPS for over 15 years, and on the whole, i have had satisfactory results, but when they have gotten it wrong, its been in a big way!
    The driver that usualy call's to me is great, [Phil] and there has been a few others over the years that have also been good, but a few, you can just tell by speaking with them that they just have pure contempt for the company, and anything you send with them.
    Again, this happens in all companies, and organisations, just make sure you follow the couriers instructions, and pack your items well [very well] and hope for the best.
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    Some horror stories here, but I’ve not had a problem with any Couriers including UPS.
    People complain about Hermes.
    The Hermes lady who delivers to my house is so friendly and helpful.
    The only problem I had was a pair of speakers delivered to Taiwan which were damaged by the local
    The ‘Local Courier’ being the Taiwan Post Office.
    An insurance claim was made through Parcel2Go and all was well.

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    I've never had issues with courier companies. My problems have been with people who can't bloody pack properly!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by walpurgis View Post
    I've never had issues with courier companies. My problems have been with people who can't bloody pack properly!!
    A huge issue.
    Regards Neil

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    yeah I think as anthonyTD says, depending on the drivers all courier firms can have off days. Ive had great service from Parcel force but one day they just left the item at a newsagents/PO without any notification to me...the tracking number was then quoted wrong by the seller and it was fun fun all the way.

    I dont think many companies value their drivers. Some pay pence per parcel which is why the Hermes guy always looks stressed and ready to pack the job in. If they have no stake in the future, is it any wonder that these things happen

    I also think they employ lowest common denominator divies at the sorting offices...in essence if they pay peanuts and have no recruiting standards your turntable will end up ****ed.

    Whats very worrying is if they dont honour the insurance policy as they are happy to take the money

    I have a fear of such companies until I am forced to use them for certain items. Touch wood Ive been ok but there are some things I would never send

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    Quote Originally Posted by hifi_dave View Post
    I send parcels by UPS every week, worldwide and have done for the past 12 years.To date, everything has been delivered on time and without the slightest damage. You must have been unlucky.
    Never used UPS since they totally mangles a beautiful Beard P50 power amp i sent to Chris Found to be serviced many years ago. They completely mangles it. I was given a pittance by way of compensation despite paying a substantial amount to insure it. It took months of emails and phone calls as above. I have since shipped many amps, CD's and turntables via Parcelforce who are constantly criticized without incident.
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