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Thread: Quad "Pro Conversion"

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    I'm Chris.

    Default Quad "Pro Conversion"

    Hi guys, just wondering if anyone has had the "Pro Conversion" carried out on their 63's by One Thing?

    (mods - does this need to be moved to "Past Masters"??)

    I know there are other companies in the US etc that have carried out similar work with excellent results.

    My main concern would be that the improvement in frequency response and output would cause my room correction EQ to have to work even harder than it already does. It's mainly fighting room modes around the 80-100Hz area and has to cut around 6-7db. Any more and I'm worried the response would become skewed.

    Having said that I may be moving them to a larger room in the next year or so which would be able to accommodate them running with no EQ correction at all hopefully if I can get the acoustics of the room right in the first place.

    Likely due to the recent weather one of them has developed a slight ticking every few seconds. It's only audible from a foot or so and having owned multiple 57's I know its nothing to really worry about and will likely go away. They seem to be charging fine without any leakage issues. Would be nice to have them both 100% silent and perfect for more than a few days though . . . .

    Any input will be more than helpful.



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    I'm Andrew.


    Hi Chris

    Sorry to hear about your ticking issues I have heard of this before and as you mention it is more common with ESL57 . I own apair of ESL57 which were fully refurbished by Andrew Jines of A Quad Thing Audio aquadthingaudio@hotmail.com and eight months later they are silent with never a pop or a click .

    Andrew is very knowledgeable on all the Quad speakers including the 63's . He can offer everything from a service to a full refurbishment and I can confirm that the work is of the highest order. Worth dropping Andrew a line (you can mention that I gave you his name ) and discuss with him what you are looking for.

    One Thing Audio are also excellent and offer a similar high quality non Quad service so either would be a good choice . Would certainly advise that you have a telephone chat with both A Quadthing and One Thing to be sure what they can do and if it matches what you are looking to achieve.

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