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Thread: Passive pre-amp

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    I'm Chris.


    Quote Originally Posted by Edward View Post
    Of course the end result, of listening to music in a particular setting, will be the synergy between all the items in the audio chain ....

    As should be applied to every thread of all time!

    Stepped attenuation all the way for me. For various reasons but the chief being I think they sound better. Plus you can lock the volume on exact increments which I have found useful for squeezing better dynamics out of different sources and even just different albums. Volume matching has a big effect on my system/s.

    Check these out, I've bought source selectors from the seller before and the work is very good. Plus you can spec your requirements RCA/XLR in/out etc and choose your pot/attenuator.



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    I'm Lawrence.


    I'm currently listening to my Django TVC into Edward's LP Spirit/ Valab Class A Pass Aleph clone (formerly Tom's) it's a very nice listen, smooth and easy going but detailed with high resolution. Has anyone else tried TVCs? Mine has the S&B transformers inside so basically a music first (expecting a bit of come back on that one!).

    There's one on ebay at their moment for about 600 and it's worth it. You might spot mine on a certain sales site or two, but the sale is on hold since I tried this combo!

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