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Thread: Innous zen mini mk2

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    Default Innous zen mini mk2

    Ive had the 1tb zen for 8 months now....pain in the backside riping all my CDs to it but worth it.

    I had never been able to get it working as a streamer so was using a google chrome cast audio and separate DAC.

    Im hopeless with computer stuff...ruling out a PI for me.

    My amp has a really good USB DAC that is by some margin the best ive heard getting fed with FLAC.

    I phoned Innous support asking for help to get it streaming spotify premium.

    10 minutes on the phone and one remote session later, Steven the Innous support guy got everything up and running-utterly painless.

    Ive now removed several boxes and power supplies from the chain.

    Sounds bloody good too...not quite FLAC but getting on for 95%.

    Innous provide a one stop solution for excellent digital servers and streamers, there customer support was outstanding....credit where credit is due!!!

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    I've got a Zen Mini 2 as well and agree with you that it is an excellent source. Fortunately I'd ripped most of my CD's before onto a Vortexbox which the Zen is based on so it was a simple transfer. I've not tried streaming as I am a bit too mean to pay for a service

    What software do you use to view and play stored tracks? I've got iPeng on an iPad but still prefer Logitech Media Server, maybe I just got used to this when I had the Vortexbox.

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    I'm tony.


    software is orange crush controlled with android tablet.

    My son set it up its been rock solid.

    You could try streaming on a free trial basis....spotify do free one but you have to put up with ads and are limited quality and plays wise.

    For a tenner a month premium is spot on.

    its great for finding new music and genres....if i find something i like i buy the cd to give the artist some revenue.

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    I own the Zenith MK2 and rarely touch the CDP and I never thought that would happen... agree about Innuous support... superb!
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    Iíve a first gen Zen one TB music server and iPeng.

    I mainly use the iPeng to stream from my iPhone to a Bose sound
    Link mini speaker so I just carry both around the house to wherever Iím sitting at a particular time and it works perfectly well.

    The Logitech server web page on the laptop needs to be reset/reloaded if I want to play stuff via the media player which is hooked up to the dac>amp in the lounge but it plays fine via iPeng.

    Iím in the process of rationalising the hifi so my intention is to buy powered speakers with WiFi/Bluetooth built in or a stereo receiver with a streamer/dac/mm phono stage etc and a pair of passive speakers.

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    I have an Innuos Zen mini Mk2 and think it is superb as a streamer. I use an M2Tech hiface usb to spdif converter from the usb 2.0 portal at the back and use iPeng as an app to control both my ripped music and to also stream Spotify. The sounds quality is fab.

    More recently the Innuos now has an external separate Baldwin power supply and that seemed to clean up the sound nicely as well.

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    How does the Innuos 2 compare to a good high end CD player?

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