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Thread: Enjoying myself with a few models

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    I'm Russell.


    Quote Originally Posted by Ian7633 View Post
    Just finished this old monster, Yamaha V-Max. Not sure how I never owned one, ridden a few but that's as far as it went. Absolutely addictive acceleration, in fact before the Suzuki Hyabusa came along the V-Max was the fastest accelerating production bike. Rather a different story when you reached a corner though. It had the nickname of being the only cruiser that GSXR riders approved of.

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    Ah yes! A beautiful machine! Narrow for the horsepower as I recall. And I always loved those scoops on the sides of the tank, they really gave it that “Jet Fighter”, appeal!

    Unfortunately I never had chance to ride one.


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    I'm Ian.


    Actually had a commission for a Ducati 916 from a friend of a friend. I wouldn't mind doing this for a living.

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