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@VanDerGraaf do not despair just keep looking as I did as they do turn up . One thing worth doing is set up e-bay seraches for speakers they were used in as this is how I managed to get two cabinet knackered 103's that had good fully working drive units and you can then offset the cost by seliing on the Bass units . Not sure if it would help but I may well have a single T52 that I could let you have. This time I plan when putting everything back to gether to include in line capacitors with my tweeters to protect them which should mean that they will last just a little longer than the previous pairs. I am not going to be able to do anyhting about this for six weeks so will only know then if i have a odd tweeter spare drop me a line if you want to consider it .
Thanks Andrew,
I'm well-versed in all of those Ebay tricks and have notifications set up for those T52-containing speakers. I might be interested in that T52, will be in touch about that.