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Thread: Croft - why 2 volume controls?

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    Be good to hear one before plunging into buying new, something I only ever do with carts/styluses!
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    Quote Originally Posted by hifi_dave View Post
    I've been selling Croft since the early 80s and no owner has ever complained about the twin pots. I have had a handful of people put off buying because of twin pots but for those, the amps can be ordered with a single pot.

    I've a 25R pre/7 power and actually quite like the twin pot arrangement on the 25R. What I didn't like were the knobs, like those shown in Dave's picture - they were soon removed and replaced by some "ordinary" round ones !


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    I had a twin mono Croft 25 for a while. Thought I'd get used to the two volume pots but I never did, used to annoy the hell out of me to the point that I stopped using my analogue sources as much. I just left the 2 pots at the halfway point and used the volume control on my streamer setup This was part of the reason I changed to my current preamp. It DID sound good though
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