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Thread: Hello and greetings

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    I'm Peter.

    Default Hello and greetings

    I am new to this forum, however I have been into audio/stereo off and on for most of my adult life.
    I have been out of "High End Stereo" mainly due to cost constraints... until now(retirement).

    My main system is in a state of flux.
    I am using an Outlaw Audio RR2160 receiver driving a pair of Infinity Kappa 6 speakers (the ones produced 1987-1989)
    My old setup from my (reference system) is an Audio Research D70, SP9 Preamp Well Tempered turntable with a Madrigal Carnigee1.
    That the cleaning service cleaned the stylus right out of the Moving Coil cart.
    I will be trying to get it re-tipped if possible.
    I hope that explains why my"reference system" has been down for quite a while.

    I like Jazz, Rock, Fusion and even Some new age.


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    I'm Shane.


    Howdy! Welcome to AOS.

    Have fun.

    Shane Lonergan.

    Home Hi-Fi Chat UK (Facebook Group)

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    I'm Phil.


    mmm audio research , some lovely kit there
    1]bel canto pre 3 vbs /, /rotel cd/ bel canto fm1
    sonos, . tannoy eaton legacy 2]arcam a75 marantz sa8005 jolida modwright dac and RFC impulse ta`us , track audio stands

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    I'm openingabottleofwine.


    Welcome to AoS Peter.

    Some nice gear there. Hope you get your cartridge sorted out soon.

    Enjoy the Forum

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