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Thread: AVO mk3 HELP !!!

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    I didn't say it made no difference, just that I hadn't intended my post to mean to a recognised standard. I also hadn't realised that it wouldn't be a genuine calibration without the issue of a certificate. Now that the companies who make the testers are long gone I'm not sure who is well placed to determine if a calibration is accurate enough to issue a certificate these days, other than a self-appointed group of experts. I could issue one if I bought a valve tester but I'm not sure it would be of any value - which is exactly my original point! But if my loose use of the word has caused offence to some then I apologise, I had no idea my well intended suggestion would lead to so much trouble and I wish I had kept my views to myself now. Which from the sound of it a few others would agree with!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jazid View Post
    Lawrence, the issue is not that equipment should work and be of sufficient accuracy for the task, there is no rational argument against that for any piece of lab equipment.

    The issue is the word 'calibration' which is being used. For a piece of equipment to be properly calibrated it needs to demonstrate this, a certificate is required that the equipment meets it's standard, this issued from a testing lab that can demonstrate its own compliance against an independent standard. Otherwise there is no verifiable standard against which the performance of the equipment has been measured.

    To the best of my knowledge there is no independent lab that will calibrate these AVOs any more. We are left with servicing and assays carried out against a user's own equipment. The standard of that equipment may be verified, it might be calibrated or otherwise adequate for their needs, but it is not independently verifiable, and rather unlikely to meet AVO original specification across all ranges. At the end of the day, however good the work performed, it will require calibration standard valves to measure to demonstrate compliance, which are not available, except from those techs/hobbyists who have kept their equipment as well fettled as possible, and this is still not independently verifiable. I personally use various valves tested on a calibrated Amplitrex to assess my testers accuracy. It's within 5%, this is accurate enough for my needs, it is not by any means calibrated.

    So I'd say it might be time to stop banging on about something which can't happen and messing up someone else's fun. He's so fed up he's got it all for sale now. We all know eBay sellers claim all sorts and are often 'mistaken', here is an AoS member who is trying to do the right thing and maybe make a few quid selling some rare and potentially valuable valves, and is in no way pulling a fast one, albeit it's turned out more challenging than he was expecting.

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    Thanks for the kind and factual comment James.

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