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Thread: Champagne finished record weight for a Marantz TT-1000 Music Link?

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    Default Champagne finished record weight for a Marantz TT-1000 Music Link?

    Hello everyone,

    I hope someone can help me with some tips. I have a Marantz TT-1000 Music Link turntable

    I would like to keep the champagne color theme so I'm looking for a record weight in champagne, but I have searched high and low without finding one Anyone know of one? Or can I get away with gold? Or copper? It's for looks only, I don't expect any large differences in sound quality with any other or without, the looks in this case is more important

    Second choice would be to match the current tonearm instead, it's a custom finished SME V in silver, i.e. looking like an SME IV. If someone knows a record weight with the exact matte finish of an SME IV, do let me know! I'm throwing on a Koetsu Rosewood signature on the arm, maybe I should match the cart? Opinions?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Hi Erik, beautiful looking set up you have there. I bought a record weight from China, no problems with delivery. This might suit your needs.
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    Love the cd player. Which model is It?
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    Lovely turntable.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Floyddroid View Post
    Love the cd player. Which model is It?
    Music Link CD23

    Back in the day I didnt get to hear the CD player, but the pre and stereo power amp I did. Very good indeed, I regret not buying these.
    Regards Neil

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