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Thread: Munich High End Show 2019

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    I'm Justin.

    Default Munich High End Show 2019

    Well someone had to raise it.

    A few Heathrow shots taken a hour ago to start... flying out tomoz.

    They stopped doing direct flights from Bristol and I nearly didn't go, but hell, there's something I'm super curious about, so I had to go.

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    I'm James.


    Good job your going Justin -guaranteed to get some decent photos rather than the sanitised journalistic stuff elsewhere on the net.
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    I'm Justin.


    Why thanks Jim. The usual repertoire of totally honest don't give a flying doobery subjective twaddle is virtually guaranteed... given a decent pilot

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    I'm Phil.


    thanks ,looking forward to hearing your thoughts . please be sure to report back on the verity audio room if you get a chance
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    Love reading your reports Justin.
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    I'm Justin.


    Gonna cover Hi-Fi Deluxe this year too if all goes well. That's another show not too far from the main MoC based one.

    Alsyvox 4 panel planar magnetic speaker setup in that one. That's what I'm curious about.

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    Excellent, have a great trip and time at the show, always enjoy your photos and input!
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    Nick Gorham and Dave Brooks are going, you might bump into them.
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    Look forward to your feedback on this Justin .

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    Looking forward to your reports, enjoy your trip.

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