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Thread: Speakers for a large room?

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    Default Speakers for a large room?

    I am thinking about upgrading my speakers at home. My music system is now located in a much larger open plan space, measuring roughly 10m x 8m by 3m (c 8500 cubic feet!) which is not a perfect rectangle. The kit is located about halfway down the long side and faces slightly away from centre into a sitting area. This is not a dedicated listening space, but I will listen to plenty of music either seated or whilst working in the kitchen.

    I have a system of Cymbol separates (see below) designed by Tony Brady, formerly Onix and now Exposure, plus B&W 603 S2 floorstanders. The Cymbols sound (and look!) great, as do the B&Ws, but I am wondering if a different set of speakers might fill the space better. I get 60w output from the amps currently but I am in the process of picking up a second so I can bi-amp my speakers. I get a very easy sound to listen to at the moment: warm but detailed and a bit of heft when required. I have a pretty eclectic taste in music, listening to classical/choral as well as jazz/rock/pop.

    I would appreciate any thoughts on speakers which might fill my space. They need to be relatively easy to drive and able to cope with a broad range of music. Iíve been recommended Spendor SP2/3R2s, but Iíve not been able to track any down. Any other ideas?

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    Not sure about the 603s' sensitivity, but if I wanted to play music loud in a large room with most modern speakers I'd be looking at 120-150wpc to have plenty of headroom on dynamic passages myself. If they're 90db plus then maybe not.

    Edit: realised you said you're getting a second amp, I'd wait to get that to see how the 603s sound if you fundamentally like their sound.

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    I was offered a job with Cymbol in '97, but it never materialised even though I went with them to the Hi-Fi News show.
    They went broke I think.

    I repaired a power amp at my interview, and wasn't particularly impressed with it.

    It is my opinion that you should buy amps to drive speakers after choosing speakers, because they determine the requirements of an amp to a great extent.

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    There's a nice air of Impulse H2s for sale on the WAM.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lurch View Post
    There's a nice air of Impulse H2s for sale on the WAM.
    Yes they do look good and a very good price, usually go for around £1.5k in good condition
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    Big room, twice the size of mine, you could do anything in that.

    Don't waste money bi-amping though!

    Don't know what the budget is but I'd start with big Tannoys or JBLs and then work backwards. If you've got the cash JBL 4365 would be killer in that room.
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    That is a pretty huge space overall. I guess it would depend on your expectations, but I am with Macca, find something that is decently efficient/easy to drive and has the capability of moving some air. Obviously you have to like whatever speaker you chose, so the efficiency thing is only part of the equation. Have fun, could be an interesting journey!
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    Sounds like the ideal sort of room for a pair of Goebel Divin Majestics...


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    some nice tannoy stirling be good or even kensington if you have a spare 8-10k !!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beobloke View Post
    Sounds like the ideal sort of room for a pair of Goebel Divin Majestics...

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