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Try Jeff Beck 'Live At Ronnie Scot's' - I've heard that with front to back depth so realistic it was like I was at the venue. Can't get that effect on my system though. Assuming the system (especially speakers) is good enough you should be able to get pretty solid left to right soundstage though. It has been deliberately created by the engineer so in that sense whilst it may be an illusion it is an intended one.

Sinatra at the Sands is another good one for depth. Sinatra up front with the audience noise in front of him, piano off to his right and slightly back, orchestra behind that, arranged in a semi circle. All the cues to generate this are there in the recording.

I'll repeat that nothing should be happening in front of the plane of the speakers unless some weird processing system like Q Sound has been used. If the singer sounds like they are stood in front of the speakers that's a fail as far as fidelity to the recording goes, even if you might like it that way.
Yes that is a good one to try.

I don't necessarily agree with you that no part of the sound stage should appear to be forward of the plane of the speakers. With my Quad 57s, on some recordings, the performers can appear slightly forward of the speakers.