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Thread: Passive Preamp Pass B1-R2 with MM stage

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    Default Passive Preamp Pass B1-R2 with MM stage

    Hi all,
    Up for sale a neat and tidy zero gain buffer stage with moving magnet input in a two box construction by our very own disarmamant. To quote his FS ad (hope you don't mind Martin?):

    "Two box construction with dual low noise shunt regulated power supply, preamplifier and screened umbilical connecting cable.

    The preamp uses a complimentary pair of matched Toshiba JFETs, a quality Swiss Elma selector switch and 100K stepped attenuator with Dale resistors. The inbuilt MM phono stage is built on an Elliot Sound Products phono PCB and uses a pair of AD823AN jfet input opamps.

    The preamp has one phono input, three line inputs and an earth binding post for the phono stage. Gold plated RCA input and output sockets with PTFE insulation. Silver plated PTFE insulation signal wiring."

    On the images below the yellow plugs are shorting plugs for the MM inputs when not used as supplied with the stage by Martin - just a belt and braces to keep noise out but don't seem to be necessary.

    Here is the thread:


    and as per rules here are the two boxes. They are in the condition I bought them in, with a few light surface marks and functionally as new - good DIY quality. In the time honoured manner 'life' got in the way of umm, life, after purchase, and they have sat boxed and unused until last week when I gave them a whirl to see what they could do. It all works as you would expect - clear, quiet, and straightforward, typical Pass style presentation from the pre and low distortion, neutral sound from the mm stage. With some relief (given they are approximately 5% of the cost) they won't knock the Art Vinyl 1 and the Arcadia off their perches, but they have served their purpose for me which was to go 'fishing' to see what op-amp stages might bring to the party, and I'm glad I've scratched that itch - now time for someone else to get proper use out of them as they deserve.

    Offered at what they cost me: 185 collected from W. London or with delivery at cost. They can be packed carefully and look built quite well enough to survive most reasonable courier handling.

    Below are a couple of pics, the internals &c are all well documented on the original thread linked above.

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    I'm James.


    Sold, thank you all who were interested.

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    I was the lucky chap who snagged this. However, it doesn't quite fit my system as my power amp seems to prefer an active pre, so I'll be listing it back up later today but thought I should mention it on this thread as I know how annoying it is when you were maybe second in line and missed out then see it listed a short time after, on my to miss out again. I have to say, it is the best packaged item I've ever received, all credit to James!

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    Someone should snap this up. Martins builds are always outstanding, as is James’ packaging!
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    Pm sent to bourney on this
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