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Thread: FS: Audio Note AN-V 19-strand silver litz tonearm cable

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    Default NOW SOLD : Audio Note AN-V 19-strand silver litz tonearm cable


    Due to a bit of a shuffle around, my Audio Note AN-V silver litz arm cable with straight Linn style connector and AN-P heavy silver plated plugs is surplus to requirements. 95cm length.

    In my view, far and away the most important cable in any system, but especially where low output moving coil cartridges are in use, is the tonearm cable - any loss or degradation at all in the tiny voltages put out by cartridges is a serious matter, therefore this is the ideal place in a system for low resistance solid silver cable. The litz pattern helps with RFI rejection.

    Purchased new this is a pricey cable - £202 per half metre stereo at hifi-collective not including VAT or shipping, so 1m cable length alone is £484, AN-P phono plugs £39 each not including VAT, so £187 including VAT for a set of 4, total of £671, then you have to make it up (litz cable is tricky to work with too as each wire is coated individually in varnish that needs to be removed at the ends before it can be connected up). List price made up at at Audio Note is a little higher as you'd expect. Materials here:


    Offering this absolute top cable at £300 including postage in the UK.

    In anticipation of the obvious question: I donít have a receipt for it but Iíve had this cable for quite a few years and prior to that it came from a trusted source. The buyer is welcome to send it to Audio Note for a checkover and I will gladly take it back if it turns out not to be as described, but in fact anyone familiar with Audio Note cables will be able to identify it as the real thing.

    The marbling you can see on the lead shield around the phono plug is black paint that's come off over time.

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