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Thread: Cost of Decca London tonearm rewire

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    Default Cost of Decca London tonearm rewire

    Trying to get an idea how much rewiring a Decca London unipivot arm will be, I've asked for some quotes but this is a unknown arm in Australia and I can't get a set price, the tech's are giving their hourly rate but that's all.
    Although it's old as the hills I quite like the London, it's a relaxed musical performer, and given the huge price of new arms I'm not looking to replace it. The other issue with replacing it is that its one of the few 9in arms that will mount on a SP10.
    Since this is a UK arm I'm hoping I can get an idea of time and cost, it's also not impossible I'd send it to the UK for the work to be done.
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    Maybe give johnny at audio origami a shout. Hes a whizz with tonearms

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    Default EMT

    I second Bigbird as Johnny7 did a sterling job modding and Cardas wiring my EMT 929 tonearm and I would use no one else....
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