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Thread: Phono stage query - loss of channel

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    Default Phono stage query - loss of channel

    Hi, I noticed one channel was missing when testing a turntable. On checking various points for connectivity it appears that the left and right signal inputs on my Angle Audio phono stage are connected. ( I tested this by sticking a small metal rod in each input phono socket and using a multimeter, I also took the lid off and tested the terminals inside the box - everything disconnected and power off of course). This would be a very unusual fault in my experience, but would it explain the loss of channel?

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    A multimeter would be quite handy for any testing, but failing that I would check the small lead out wires from the cartridge to the headshell
    as possible place that you might be losing a channel. also that the headshell is reasonably firm in the tonearm. Following that check the
    wiring attaching the - what becomes your RCA leads is attaching at the bottom of the arm. Note have power OFF and mains lead disconnected on your turntable for
    checking this wiring.

    Finally check if other inputs are working OK with both channels - inferring it is just the turntable phono stage.

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    Update - received note from Angle Audio that the continuity effect I am seeing on the phono stage is not a problem so it must be something else along the chain - my beloved Dual again no doubt!

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    Duals are notoriously problematic when it comes to continuity.

    I have had a lot of problems with my Dual 1019 in this regard.

    First the (effin') cartridge sled — cured by buying an aftermarket one from eBay.

    Then the muting switch was acting up. In fact, just last week one of the channels disappeared completely, and when I removed the table from the plinth, I discovered that one of the small plastic prongs holding the switch assembly together had crumbled apart and the switch was literally in pieces, one half of it lying on the bottom of the plinth (@#$%!).

    Thankfully, I have a spare chassis that I use as a source of spares — this chassis had a different switch, much better thought out (it appears to be a later revision). Since I was inside with my soldering iron anyway, I also replaced the original output cable which was a bit tired, to put it mildly.

    (By the way, this Dual was originally wired a-la Rega — the chassis was earthed through the left channel ground. Obviously, the link connecting the chassis to left channel ground was removed and a proper ground wire was installed as soon as I saw this...)

    I hope I won't have any further continuity issues with this turntable, or it might leave my apartment through the window...

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