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Thread: Photos With Adverts. Mandatory Requirements!

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    Default Photos With Adverts. Mandatory Requirements!

    To address non-compliance with the requirements for photos with sales listings in the Private Exhibitions section, the rules have been revised and clarified.

    Photos of the actual item for sale have to be included at the time of posting a sale advert for equipment, not added later. Stock/library images won't do. This also applies to 'interest checks' and items offered free, which will be treated the same way as sale offers.

    Links alone, to library images offsite do not qualify, although they can be used in addition to the mandatory photos.

    Images must display at a minimum size of 640 x 480 (message board size) including those from expanded thumbnails. Larger images are of course welcome.

    The pictures should be properly framed, clear and well lit and the correct way up.

    Pictures of the front of the equipment should be shown and the rear if inputs/outputs or other important facilities are present. The more images the better.

    Thumbnail images will not be acceptable with items having an asking price greater than 250.00. Decent sized photos 640 x 480 or greater will then need to be displayed at full size. An independant image hosting service will facilitate this.

    The use of Private Exhibitions to offer equipment is a privilege and it is free, so it is reasonable to expect members to make suitable efforts to comply. Potential buyers and members in general like seeing good images and these can only help in a sale.

    Adverts that do not meet forum requirements will be subject to deletion without notice. Basically, if you can't be bothered to make a bit of an effort, we won't bother to chase after you, so inadequate listings will simply disappear! We make no apologies for that.

    We thank you in advance for your co-operation, and will continue striving to make AoS one of the best places to buy or sell quality used equipment on the 'net
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    Hi - I'm trying to comply with this new rule - perhaps you could clarify something? I included pictures in my posts that were 1280 x 960 (the items were 275). They appeared as thumbnails in the post, but then when clicked on were nice and big - so best of both worlds! But my posts were deleted. Are you saying that pictures larger than 640x480 have to be hosted on a photo-sharing site, and you can't do the clickable thumbnails? Thanks

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    Tumbnails ('clickable' or otherwise) are now no longer acceptable for items costing more than 250.

    Even though your original images are 1280 x 960, when the image is copied (by right clicking on it, and then selecting "copy image location"), then when this is pasted into your post (bracketing the url with [img] and [/img]), the images will appear sufficiently large enought to satisfy the new requirements.

    Send the urls to any Moderator here and we will restore your post.

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    Guys and gals,

    There are still a number of you who clearly haven't read these new rules and complied with them, as ads that should have full-sized pictures, not thumbnails, are still being posted in the classifieds. Therefore, please be warned that moderators have now been instructed to instantly soft-delete all non-compliant ads, until appropriate pictures have been uploaded for inclusion in the adverts concerned.

    Therefore, you'll know why your ad has suddenly disappeared, perhaps within seconds of having posted it!!

    Only when suitably sized pictures are available/uploaded from an image-hosting site, to be included in the ad (in which case you should PM the mod concerned who deleted your ad, who's name will appear under the deletion note, and advise them accordingly) will the non-compliant advert be un-deleted, and sales thread reopened, for new pictures to be added.


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    Read before you post any ads.
    Regards Neil

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