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Thread: The K4 The next step...

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    I'm Karl.

    Default The K4 The next step...

    Hi, all been away for her. for a while.. not by choice, but I have just completed the next iteration of the 'K Series' Decks. The K4

    So some changes from last one.. An isolated motor assembly is the major change, oh and some good old fashioned real analog wood !

    I managed to find a source of brand new NOS Matsushita MKL-15SI-T-18-V motors as used in the Technics SL-2000 Hitachi ps38 / ps48 etc. addd the SME with Shure V15VxMR with a new JICO Ruby cantilever stylus.

    Anyway the sound is outstanding unbiased as I am.
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    I'm David.


    Nice work Kanders, the tt looks beautiful.

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    I'm Karl.


    Thanks Antonio..

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    I'm Mike.


    Beautiful piece of work, well done.

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    I'm Charlie.


    Looks stunning
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