We have this Ex Demo Trilogy 906 Phono Stage in silver available for sale at £845, saving £150.

The Trilogy 906 Phono Stage has many of the key technologies, and much of the performance, of the 907; beautifully packaged in a more affordable form.

Vinylís timeless musical appeal is very close to the heart of Trilogy. The 907 Phono Stage remains one of our most loved and popular designs. We have now brought as much of the acclaimed 907ís technology as possible within the reach of a wider audience. The Trilogy 906 Phono Stage has a close bond with its illustrious sister, bringing genuine audiophile performance to a more affordable price point. The simpler a design is; the more constraints are placed upon it. It takes real skill and experience to keep performance high and cost low. Each component has been chosen with care, each circuit element carefully assessed, developed and scrutinised by the designer Nic Poulson to ensure the highest performance possible.


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