Hi all,

I use a pair of Impulse Lalis, which I believe are a horn loaded design.I absolutely love them, but I do find myself worrying about how much low end they kick out. Not in terms of the overall sound, but in regards to disturbing my neighbours. I live in a block with people above, below and to one side of my lounge, I find myself listening at lower and lower volumes for fear of annoying anyone. It's a concrete building but I can feel the vibrations through the floor when I listen at normal levels. I have tried to dampen it by putting foam in the ports at the bottom of the speaker but it has no affect, I don't know if I'm just not using a dense enough material or if it's just not going to help. Has anyone ever managed to tame low end in a similar speaker?

As much as it would pain me to do so, I'm considering swapping the Lalis for smaller stand mount speaker that I could enjoy at normal volume. I don't see myself living in a property where the Lalis could do their thing anytime soon. I don't listen to music particularly loud but I am finding it almost too quiet to enjoy now. No point in owning them if I can't appreciate them.

As always, any suggestions or comments would be much appreciated.