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Thread: Is this Us?

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    Default Is this Us?

    I enjoy Hifi n stuff...

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    Superb video, Gaz! The bit with them moving around to find the 'sweet spot' with the Tannoys was hilarious

    I think it also showed that valves are more fun

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    No it doesn’t seem that things have changed that much. I was amazed at the beginning that the man with the victrola in the carriage suffered no skipping as he went down the road?


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    Yes it is sadly. I even recognised a younger version of myself in the video. I am the chap with the dark goatee beard!
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    It was the sarcasm laced in the narration that had me. Right at the beginning we saw the forerunner to the iPod, the iPerambulapod. A whole 0.00000000001 Gb of storage extendable to 20 times that if you had the shelf installed underneath.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gazjam View Post
    Yes that is still accurate, music, and equipment has changed, but that is all.
    Regards Neil

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    All very dramatic! Loved the "Steareo" demonstration!

    The guys in the hif-fi shop at the beginning reminds me of this...


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    Well, I was there somewhere as I once owned a duffle coat...

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    You wouldn`t be able to walk along with a turntable in a pram now with all the pot holes !! lovely video though
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