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Thread: Audiomods Series 6 Tonearm

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    I'm not sure about that single fixing point on the headshell area. I'd like two.

    It does look really well made though. Looking forward to your thoughts on this.

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    Looks good Chip, and the way the cartridge is attached will make fitting an Audio Technica cart a damn sight easier

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    Quote Originally Posted by paulf-2007 View Post
    Nothing new there then.
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    I was able to have the series 6 installed yesterday on my Technics SL-1100. First impression is that it sounds great! I played The Guitar Trio (Paco de Lucia, Al Di Meola and John McLaughlin) album and noticed/heard nuances in the strumming that I hadn't heard before. Its also more lively in its presentation compared to my previous tonearm. Here are some photos:

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    Well I am completely jealous. That is one fine looking arm! And I have always been a big fan of the Tri-planar. And it has been on my want list for a very long time. And considering the prices, I suspect will continue to be on that list for long into the future!

    But this arm could be something I could afford? It certainly exudes quality and looks the part. And it very well may prove better than any Rega youíve had in the past. Better and worse can be subjective at some point, and very real at others, but one thing is certain, every arm sounds different. So, as long as this arm hits your trigger then thatís what matters! I like it, I think itís beautiful and well executed. Jealous even!


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    The arm looks great, enjoy.

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    Wow....that's a rather beautiful piece of engineering. I too am green with envy and plotting the swop.
    Enjoy and keep the comments coming.
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    Default Some pics of the Series 6

    Thought people would be interested in seeing some pics of the Series 6 in a polished finish.
    I'd been in touch with Jeff of Audiomods with a view to ordering a Seies 5, this resulted in a similar conversation that others have reported.
    I'd really enjoyed my Audiomods Classic - the 6 is a definite improvement as far as I'm concerned, more detail, tighter and more cohesive. Lots of toe tapping going on here.
    Currently listening to some Ian Hunter and Mick Ronson albums - I know, I'm having a '70s nostalgia moment.Series 6 pic 1.jpgSeries 6 pic 2.jpgSeries 6 pic 3.jpgSeries 6 pic 4.jpgSeries 6 pic 5.jpgSeries 6 pic 1.jpgSeries 6 pic 2.jpgSeries 6 pic 3.jpgSeries 6 pic 4.jpgSeries 6 pic 5.jpg

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    Sorry about the pics - I'm no expert with this online stuff. Somehow managed to upload duplicates. Plus no idea why they have displayed so weirdly in the post.

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    Well i have to say they both look like a fantastic piece of kit and im loving the new direction with the armtube. Been a fan of Jeffs work since i had the pleasure of hearing one of his arms a few years back and nearly bought one for my RP6 before i went down the LP12 route. This thread has seriously got me thinking about pulling the trigger again.
    Im sure youd be hard pushed to get anything of this quality for the same price elsewhere???
    I have to say the magpie in me is leaning more towards the polished finish, just looks a little more exotic, but i guess it would depend on what table you are mounting it on.
    I have to agree with Chip about his finger lift. It seems odd that jeff has gone to all that trouble crafting a beautiful arm to then add a little piece of wire for the finger lift??? The other gentlemen has a nicely made flat piece that looks better quality. I think I would be on to him about that tiny little inconsistency. That said they both look wonderful and im glad you are both very happy and hope it brings many years of joy to you both.
    Just need to figure out where i can get a grand from now .. hmmm

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