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Thread: Have Lost Control Of My Audio Rack Wiring

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    Default Have Lost Control Of My Audio Rack Wiring

    Have lost control of my audio rack wiring.....any suggestions on what to do?


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    Damn! You aren’t kidding! A company I used to work for, this was the inside of the phone closet. Every bit of it! Took me a week to clean it up, and remove all wires not being used.

    I fail to understand how it happens. I keep my rack about 16 inches away from the wall, so I can get behind it and see what’s what without having to move it. Since I couldn’t more it anyway. And I get all my nice fat wires all nice and tidy, everything is in order, and organized. I go a few months without ever going back there, and when I do, it looks like your picture! Are gremlins sabotaging me when I’m not looking?


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    Im surprised that there wasn’t a Hobbit caught up in there somewhere!

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    Buy a very large can of Marinara sauce?

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    Quote Originally Posted by goraman View Post
    Buy a very large can of Marinara sauce?
    Tinned Marinara sauce?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sherwood View Post
    Tinned Marinara sauce?
    Can you buy it in cans? I always get mine from Subway, with some meatballs.
    Excuse me, are you the Judean People's Front?

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