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Thread: What is your turntable history

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    I'm givingyouaprettygoodclue.


    Eagle D7500. Around 1978. We all start somewhere.

    Thorens TD104 MkII. 18th birthday present. Still works.

    Garrard 401 + RB300. Couldnít foresee a time when Iíd be able to afford everything needed to optimise it, i.e. slate plinth, copper mat, better arm, etc. Decided to revert to a stock deck.

    Roksan Xerxes + RB300. Set-up and maintenance proved much fiddlier than imagined.

    Pioneer PL71. Plugíníplay heaven.

    Thorens TD150 MkI + R200. Got the DIY bug and forged a 150 from three donor decks. Learned a bit, made some mistakes (and learned even more).

    Townshend Elite Rock II + Heed Orbit + Origin Live Silver. Rescued and refurbished, a satisfying project that took my vinyl into the same division as my CD. 5 years on no urge to change her.


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    I'm Nari.


    All starts with a garrard sp25.

    Garrard 301
    Garrard 401
    Thorens 124
    Michell transcripter reference
    Jvc qly3f
    Jvc qly5f
    Pioneer exclusive 3a
    Micro Seiki bl111
    Sony 8000
    Nakamichi tx1000
    Nakamichi dragon
    Pink triangle anniversary sme V
    Thorens td521 sme 3012r
    Alphason solo
    Linn Lp12 ekos troika
    Vyger Atlantis
    Micro seiki 8000 mk1 sme 3012/ fidelity research fr66
    Micro seiki 8000 mk2
    sme model 30
    Spj Alba (breifly should have never sold it)
    Sme model 30/12a
    Sme 10/ dynavector 507
    Thorens reference
    Thorens prestege
    Voyd Reference
    Goldmund st4
    Goldmund reference(purchased 1987)
    Kodo beat airtangent (current turntable)
    Sme model 30/12 gold using a glanz tonearm recently fitted by my watford dealer (current)
    Micro seiki 8000 mk2 sme 3012r fidelity research fr66 (current)
    Kondo ginga mk1
    shindo 301.
    Techdas airforce one
    Rockport capella full air bearing version
    shindo 301
    garrard 301 audio grail cutsworth
    kronos pro axiom recently sold
    Emt 927 (current)

    Have had and still own a fair ammount of tonearms.

    Will listen to the CS port soon as been told its a fantastic beast Japanese esoterica have to be said if it were not for the sheer knowledge of a certain watford dealer hearing and learning at this level would be almost impossible.
    Most important and used Walker Black Diamond Etsuro Gold, Micro Seiki 8000mk2 Kondo special V12 Tiger Eye, Fidelity Research FR 66 Shindo spu, EMT 927, sme 312 aluminium. Fidelity research fr66, Sme 3012 mk1, Sme V, Ikeda 407 IT Sme Model 30/2/Dynavector 507 Kodo Beat Turntable Airtangent 10B modified Fidelity fr66s Etsuro Cartridge . Kondo Gakuoh Mk1 powers G70 Pre,Audio Tekne TFA-8695PCS pre Audio Tekne TEA 8695 Phono. Lfd Battery Phono Stage heavily custom rebuilt by Dr Richard Bews, Tharx Phono Stage. Lfd Master Dual Biamp power amp, Lfd Anniversary master preamp. Shindo Latour Field Coil. Rockport Cygnus Biamped, Voigt Domestic Corner Horns/ Feastex Fildcoils. LFD Custom silver Ribbons. LFD Diamond Vipor Mk2 interconnects, Lfd Golden Cobra interconnect. Koetsu blue lace mono special order, Koetsu burma jade mono special order.

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    I'm Martin.


    That's one hell of list.
    Current Lash Up:

    *Sony SCD XB790QS* Nelson Pass DCB1 / Krell KSA100 mkII * JM Lab Electra 926 *

    'You fool! To think that your ape-brain could contain the full knowledge of the Krell!'

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    I'm AnDreW.


    Pretty tame by some standards but :-

    Technics 1210 mk 2 - Still own.
    Garrard 301 - Still own
    Lenco GL75 - Still own


    Thorens TD150
    Thornes TD160
    Linn Sondek LP12
    Alphason Sonata

    CD Teac VRDS25X(Audiotuned) DAC Caiman SEG+15V PSU+Dorado DECK 1210 Mat SPH SSS Mods MN Base/Bearing/Platter+Ebony armboard Feet Isonoe/Ebony PSU Paul Hynes SR7EHD-27XL/DCSXL Ag DC lead/3 Stage Regs/Recap PCB+No Pitch/Strobe/Light ARM SME V(Kondo Ag Rewire&Tags) MC Cadenza Black CABLES Arm Yannis SPD-4 IC Yannis 222 Litz+Ag bullets Power WAR PRE ATC SCA2 SPEAKERS ATC 50ASL STANDS Atacama PHONO Sugden Masterclass PA4 SUT Ortofon ST80SE POWER PSAudio P10


    Croft Epoch(Modified) AMP Sondex S100 (Modified) SPEAKERS Tannoy 15"MG+RFC Warwick cabs+ Reference XO DECKS Garrard301/401 (Bastin) Mat Teunto Bearings 401/SPH Plinth Moldovan/Bastin Arms 3009/3012(Ikeda Ag wired) SME V 12 PSU Eagle+Tachometer MC Ag Meister v2 / Royall N SPU's CABLES Arm Yannis 420.5 Litz+ Speaker 10mm Cu + WBT-0681 Ag IC Oyaide FTVS-510 AgWBT 0110Ag Phonostage Paradise(4 Box Modded) / EAR 834 Clone (modded)


    PRE Radford SC25 (Mullard ECC83/82) POWER RADFORD STA25 Renaissance (Electroharmonix EL34) SPEAKERS Celestion Ditton 15 (Duelund Rewired/Jantzen Recapped) CABLES Speaker - Duelund AWG 12IC - Belden 8402+Switchcraft RCA

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    I'm Anthony.


    Dual CS 504 - 1978-ish

    Fons CQ30 - 1980-ish

    Linn Sondek LP12 - 1989-ish

    Well Tempered Amadeus GT MkII - 2018

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    I'm Steve.


    BSR McDonald!

    Mission 775/Mission 774lc arm/Nagaoka MP11

    Linn LP12/Grace G707 arm/Nagaoka MP11 Boron

    Monarch/X200 arm/Ortofon 2M Black
    Pining for the fjords? What kind of talk is that? And why did he fall flat on his back the minute I got him home?

    T/T: Inspire Monarch, X200 tonearm, Ortofon 2M Black. Phono: Yaqin MS-22B CD: Densen Beat B400 Plus; Headphone/pre: Myryad Z40; Amp: Audion Silver Night 300b stereo
    Speakers: Zu Omen Def. Atlas Equator interconnects, Atlas Hyper 3.0 speaker cables

    T'other system:
    Echo Dot, Amptastic Mini-1, Celestion 5's, BK XLS-200 DF

    Panasonic 42" plasma, Panasonic Blu Ray, Sony a/v amp, MA Radius speakers, REL Storm sub

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    I'm Paul.


    Sansui SR222
    Sony PS-6750
    Kenwood KD-990
    Sony TTS-8000

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    I'm Nigel.


    Pioneer Pl12d
    Ariston Rd80
    Linn Sondek Lp12
    Oracle Delphi
    Garrard 401*
    Thorens Td124
    Garrard 301 *
    Trans-Fi Salvation
    Lenco L75 in custom plinth*
    Goldring G99 in custom plinth (2)*
    Goldring G88 in custom plinth*

    *still have

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    I'm Rich.


    It's interesting to see that so many of us have owned an LP12 at some point.

    Clearaudio Emotion with Clearaudio Performer cart
    Copland CDA 266
    Copland CSA 28
    Squeezebox Touch
    Impulse Lali
    Van Damme I/Cs and cables

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    I'm Martin.


    I could never afford one!
    Current Lash Up:

    *Sony SCD XB790QS* Nelson Pass DCB1 / Krell KSA100 mkII * JM Lab Electra 926 *

    'You fool! To think that your ape-brain could contain the full knowledge of the Krell!'

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