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Thread: What is your turntable history

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    I'm tired.


    Quote Originally Posted by Macca View Post
    Always fancied a Technics SL1200 so bought an old one for £200. What a great deck, sounds like a CD player! Bought a newer, mintier one of Roy of this parish and fitted a Nagaoka MP50 and a Funk Firm Achromat (recommended). Now sounds exactly like the CD player but replacement stylus is so expensive it costs 25p a side to play a record. Gave up at that point.
    Bought a pair of SL1200s not long after joining this forum, couldn't see what all the fuss was about & reverted to my trusty old JVC QLA7 I'd had from new.

    Not had many -

    Garrard 86SB in a 'Quadraphonic' system (well it had four speakers anyway)
    Akai AP003 (still got a mint one put away in it's box for prosterity)
    The aforementioned JVC QLA7
    A dabble with SL1200s, a sickly LP12, a broken GL78, a so so Sony PS6750, a LAD thing before settling on my
    Garrard 401

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    I'm Carl.


    First proper record player was a Rega 2 / RB250 for a couple of years as a student. Next up was a Pink Triangle Little Pink Thing / RB250 bought with my first proper pay packet which I had for about 15 years.

    Then eBay came along and I levelled up to PT Export / RB300 and then PT Anniversary / SME IV which I kept for about 10 years because I couldn't better it. Everything else just came and went. A parade of record players passed through including various Thorens (TD150, 160, 166, 320), Revox B795, Linn Axis / Basik+, Michell Gyrodek / Technoarm, Lenco's (3x GL75, GL78s and an 88 that I head for many many years) all mostly for fun and education.

    Then there was the LP12 phase which was more out of curiosity than anything else. I had many including a late 70's Afro / FR64s (one of the better ones), an early 80's / Valhalla / Basik+, a lovely mid 80's black ash / pre-cirkus / Ittok / Armageddon. That one subsequently had an Aro on it for a while and was probably the best LP12 I had. Then one in a new Linn walnut plinth / Cirkus / Hercules / Jelco 750d. Finally a high spec one with Chris Harban Wenge plinth / Kahn / Norton Airpower / Rubikon / Ortofon AS212 (this one was totally pants). The hard truth is that none of the LP12's measured up to the Anni. Never ever even close. I enjoyed my time with the Linn's though.

    Then I had an Technics SP10 / SH-B3 Obsidian plinth (=SL1000) / Jelco SA750L 12" which was a real highlight but this, the final LP12 and the Anni left to make way for a TW Acustic Raven AC3 / Graham Phantom B44 / FR64s that I still have. The Raven is endgame really and I didn't look at another record player for about 5 years after that.

    I'll never better the Raven but I love turntables and acquisition has crept back in eventually. I still want to own some of the classics, even if only for a little while so I recently sold my long standing Goldring Lenco 88 to make room for a very nice Voyd / Helius Orion II in a second system. I have several arms lined up to try on this before I settle on its final configuration including an SME V, FR64fx and Helius Cyalene. The Voyd is superb.

    I've had countless tonearms and cartridges along the way of course but I'll spare you that long list!

    I still have a couple of unfinished Lenco projects on the go in the garage (PTP4) and have just got all the bits together to have another go at a posh TD150. Just a bit of fun like :-)
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    I'm Russell.


    I got my first real turntable at age 13, in 1975. And it was a BIC. It was all plastic, but, it functioned much like most modern record players, and didnít do a bad job for such a cheap unit.

    I replaced it when I was 17 with an ADC belt drive, with an ADC cartridge on it, huge deck with a big S arm on it. I signed my paycheck over to the clerk to buy it. That was nice, wish I still had it.

    But sold it with my whole stereo, and bought a matching Sansui system. Not my best decision ever, and it had a linear tracking Sansui Ďtable that had a P mount cartridge, pure junk.

    So I ditched that for a Denon! Yes the beautiful big wooden base, high tech arm, a $160 Ortofon cart. Iím thinking the table was a DP-45? And the cart maybe an OM20? And a drunk girl was over to my house, and while I was in the restroom she got into an arm wrestling match with the Denon, and it never worked again. I may even still have it in a box somewhere?

    So to get back up and running I bought a Pro-Ject Debut III, a wonderful Ďtable! I was amazed that it actually sounded better than the Denon. I added the acrylic platter, and a Grado Gold, and got a lot of use out of it for a few years. I wound up giving it to my Son-in law, and he has amassed a huge record collection in a short time, heís a vinyl man for sure now!

    And I gave it to him because I stepped up to a VPI Scout, the earlier model with the acrylic platter. Personally I think they sound better than the newer aluminum platters, but that could be a matter of taste? Presently a Sumiko Blue Point Special cart on it, my first MC cartridge, on the stock VPI unipivot arm. Itís close to Nirvana for me, to do any better might be too expensive. And I can still upgrade the cartridge quite a bit before I run out of Ďtable.


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    I'm Bruce.


    In childhood my father's mono system included a mono Garrard RC-80 and Williamson 6L6 amp he built from scratch. In my high school years I talked him into a Dual 1214 as I was attempting to move us into the stereo era.

    My first turntable of my own was a Technics SL-20 which did me for a decade.

    Then I moved to a Thorens TD-125 (which I still have and rebuilt last summer). Numerous arms have been on it over the years, currently sporting a Fidelity Research FR-24 MkII - lovely arm.

    After that followed a period of all sorts of secondary tables coming and going (ok, mostly not going) - Denon DP-1200, BIC 960 and 980, Dual 1219, Garrard Zero 100 and LAB 80, Technics SL-D2, Ariston RD11S, Braun PS-500, Rek-O-Kut B-12H, Empire 598II, Technics SP-15

    Denon DP-80 is the current main deck with two arms - Audiocraft AC-400C and Technics EPA 250.

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    I'm Julian.


    Garrard SP25mk3.
    Ferguson music centre.
    Toshiba SR-V10
    Memorex LAB-302.
    Technics SL-DD33
    Technics SL-1210MK2
    Technics SL-1200GLD
    Technics SP-15/SH-15B2/OL RB250
    Technics SP-10mk2/SH-10B3/SME-V
    Sony TTS-8000/OL Silver
    Technics SL-QL1

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    I'm Paul.


    My story is quite boring, compared to many here.

    Pro-Ject Debut - eventually upgraded it with a glass platter. I had to damp the arm with sponge in order to stop sibilance.
    Garrard 401 with a slate plinth and SDS platter matt - RB250

    That’s it, unless you count a Dual 505 that I obtained very cheaply and fixed up just for the learning process. I think I gave it away to someone who wanted a to get into analogue.

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    I'm Rich.


    The ones I can remember are:

    Rega Planar 2
    Project RPM6.1
    Redwood Revolver
    Linn LP12
    Roksan Radius 5
    Technics 1210
    Rega RP6
    Clearaudio Emotion.

    Clearaudio Emotion with Clearaudio Performer cart
    Copland CDA 266
    Copland CSA 28
    Squeezebox Touch
    Impulse Lali
    Van Damme I/Cs and cables

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    I'm openingabottleofwine.


    Garrard SP25 Mk.II

    Collaro 2020 with SME 3009/S2 II arm

    Thorens TD124/II with SME arms

    EMT 930st with EMT 929 arm.

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    I'm Chris.


    Dual CS 505 MK2
    Logic Tempo electronic
    Linn Sondek basik plus /Ittok /Ekos, lingo and Cirkus. Troika cartridge.
    Voyd. 5 reference with SME 310 and music maker mk1.
    Roksan Radius 5 Goldring 1006.
    Technics SL1210 with vantage audio mods and SME 309 Audio technica at33ev.
    Technics SL-QL1.

    We've gone on holiday by mistake !

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    I'm John.


    Various dansette type suitcase TTs as a teenager, then a Phillips music centre followed in 1981 by a one piece Sharps faux stack system complete with glass doored record storage cabinet on the bottom.

    1st proper tt/system in 87: Manticore Mantra mk2 (Moth badged RB250 arm) A&R P77mg. Installed an RB300 & Rega Elys in 2001.

    Oct 2016: Origin Live Aurora Gold MK2/OL Encounter 3C/MP500
    Aug 2018: Elite Rock MK2/Encounter 3C/Hana SL.
    March 2019: Brinkmann Bardo/Encounter 3C/Sumiko Pearwood Celebration II
    I reckon the Brinkmann is my endgame TT though I'm sure I will upgrade the arm at some point.

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