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Thread: What is your turntable history

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    BSR turntable 1977-80

    Sony PST1 direct drive (horrible thing) 1980-82

    AR turntable (I still have this, but don't use it much) 1982-now

    Roksan Xerxes 1986-2000, traded in for

    Roksan Xerxes X 2000-now

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    I'm paul.


    Quote Originally Posted by Vrajbasi View Post
    All starts with a garrard sp25.

    Garrard 301
    Garrard 401
    Thorens 124
    Michell transcripter reference
    Jvc qly3f
    Jvc qly5f
    Pioneer exclusive 3a
    Micro Seiki bl111
    Sony 8000
    Nakamichi tx1000
    Nakamichi dragon
    Pink triangle anniversary sme V
    Thorens td521 sme 3012r
    Alphason solo
    Linn Lp12 ekos troika
    Vyger Atlantis
    Micro seiki 8000 mk1 sme 3012/ fidelity research fr66
    Micro seiki 8000 mk2
    sme model 30
    Spj Alba (breifly should have never sold it)
    Sme model 30/12a
    Sme 10/ dynavector 507
    Thorens reference
    Thorens prestege
    Voyd Reference
    Goldmund st4
    Goldmund reference(purchased 1987)
    Kodo beat airtangent (current turntable)
    Sme model 30/12 gold using a glanz tonearm recently fitted by my watford dealer (current)
    Micro seiki 8000 mk2 sme 3012r fidelity research fr66 (current)
    Kondo ginga mk1
    shindo 301.
    Techdas airforce one
    Rockport capella full air bearing version
    shindo 301
    garrard 301 audio grail cutsworth
    kronos pro axiom recently sold
    Emt 927 (current)

    Have had and still own a fair ammount of tonearms.

    Will listen to the CS port soon as been told its a fantastic beast Japanese esoterica have to be said if it were not for the sheer knowledge of a certain watford dealer hearing and learning at this level would be almost impossible.
    What no Denon?
    Sony STR 6055 Denon DP80 Stax UA-70 Shure Ultra 500 in a Martin Bastin body with jico stylus Lii audio crystal 10 tqwt speakers

    Office system, DIY CSS fullrange speakers with aurum cantus G2 ribbons Najda dsp as dac Akai AM-U02 Jvc QL-A51 direct drive turntable
    SAE1000LT leema sub. JVC Z4S cart is in the house

    Garage system another Sony receiver, cassette deck and Zu omen for sale

    System components are subject to change without warning and at the discretion of the owner.

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    I'm Steve.


    ITT record player with built in amp and speakers that clipped on as a lid. 1974
    Amstrad TP12D 1976 (Shure M55e)
    Garrard DD130 1979 (Nagaoka MP11)
    Townshend Elite Rock mk II 1986 still my go to TT (originally fitted with a DL110, but has had DL103, Goldring 1042, Sumiko Blue Point Special Evo III, VdHul DDT special and AT OC9 ? III). Arm is a fully modded (AO) RB250.
    JVC JL A1 bought 2nd hand for 2nd system. (AT95e).
    Rega Planar 3 1978 model with R200. I still have this.
    Luxman PD264 without arm or dust cover. Saved this from going in a skip, it had got wet and the baseboard had warped, made a replacement baseboard from 6mm MDF and fitted a Hadcock GH228. Sill have this but the arm has been removed for...
    LP12. I was always curiou about the LP12, so I bought one last year, no arm and basic power board, since bought a used Valhalla and am in the process of fitting the Hadcock to this. The Hadcock has a V15 type III with Jico SAS/SS fitted, had an OM10 on it at one stage.

    As for the Luxman, I picked up a pristine Acos Lustre GST-1 for a song and have yet to fit this. I hesitate as the Acos requires a rather unusual cutout that nothing else will fit if I don't like it.

    TT: 1986 Townshend Rock, 1980 Luxman PD264, 1978 Planar 3 in original condition. LP12 (work in progress).
    Arm: AO modified Moth RB250, Hadcock GH228, Rega R200. Acost Lustre GST1, Hadcock GH228 special.
    Cart: AT OC9 III, Shure V15 III, Bellex HOMC, Garrott K2, VdH DDT-II special.
    Phono: Vincent PHO-8, Akitika MM.
    CDPs: California Labs CL15, Pioneer DVP 676A, Vincent CD-S4.
    Digi: Squeezeboxes. Yamaha WXC50. Denafrips Ares II.
    Amps: Copland CSA-29, Denon PMA250 II, a couple of cheap T amps, WHAMMY headphone Amp. First Watt DIY M2X, B1 Mesmerize Pre. Elekit TU-8500 Pre, Pass B1Korg DIY pre.
    Speakers: 1995 Castle Howard S1, 1970 Wharfedales, Dick Smith's $80 specials. KEf Ref 104aB, Usher S-520.
    Headphones: AKG Q701, Massdrop / Hifiman HE-4XX.

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    I'm Tony.


    Dual CS505 in the early 80's.

    Acoustic Research Legend in the mid 80s (loved it)

    LP12 in early 90s (hated it!)

    NAS Interspace Jnr in mid 90s (loved it)

    VPI Scout now (love it)
    VPI Scout 1.1, Hana ML, Vanderveen MC10 SUT, WAD Phono3, Rpi3B+/Digione Signature, Xiang Sheng DAC-01, WAD KiT6550 and Reiver Edingdale SR

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    I'm Simon.


    Pioneer PL-12D
    Revolver Rebel
    Voyd Valdi
    Voyd 0.5 Reference
    Voyd Reference

    quite simple tastes by comparison to many of the previous answers
    SJS Arcadia Line Level Pre-amplifiers, Headphone amps, MM Phono Stages and SET Power amps - service, repairs, upgrades

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    I'm James.


    The Past:

    Fidelity Music Master UA-2 (BSR changer)
    Goldring Lenco GL78
    Thorens TD 166MkII
    Revolver Rebel
    Thorens TD 160
    Pro-ject 6.1
    Thorens TD 280
    Technics SL-1210 MkII
    Rega Planar 3
    Goldring Lenco G88

    Spare Room:

    Technics SL-150
    Mission 775S
    Braun PS-5
    Pink Triangle LPT
    Technics SL-DL5

    On the rack:

    Nottingham Analogue Spacedeck
    Goldring Lenco GL-75
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    Nottingham Analogue Spacedeck / Kuzma Stogi S / Benz Micro Ace S L
    Lenco L-75 / Carl Ellis Plinth / Ortofon AS-212 / Ortofon SPU Classic GM E MkII
    Ortofon ST-7 SUT / Nick G Modded Lentek Head Amp / Croft RIAA

    Cambridge Audio CXU / Theta DS Pro Prime

    Classť Model 30 / Luxman M-383

    Usher Compass X-719

    May contain opinions that others find disturbing.

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    I'm Hal.


    Very small compared to others here.
    Technics sl2000
    Heybrook TT2
    Technics SP10
    Sorry to say it, but listening to very little vinyl these days.
    Without music, powerboat racing, photography and a whole stack of other stuff that floats my boat, life is just a non stop procession of deadlines and bills.

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    I'm Pavel.


    I forgot to mention two turntables I used for a short time.

    Technics SL-5 (one of their "jacket-size" linear trackers) -- surprisingly good sound for something so dinky and could track literally anything regardless of condition (completely unfazed by warps and other issues). Was badly out of speed so I had to adjust it using the adjustment pots at the bottom (I had to buy a very long thin screwdriver to do this).

    Luxman PD-282 -- a beautiful early DD turntable with an AC motor and an Acos-made tonearm that looked like Rega R200 but with a much better antiskating arrangement. I remember it for two reasons: 1) it was drifty even compared to other non-quartz DDs; 2) in their infinite wisdom, Luxman lined the inside of the plinth with aluminium foil for shielding, and a copper ground wire was screwed to this shield; this connection suffered from electrochemical corrosion quite badly which resulted in some very annoying ground hum. Of course, it was entirely possible to scrape off the corrosion, but it would give only a very temporary reprieve.

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    I'm martin.


    Letís start off by saying I bought my Linn LP 12 in 1978 and now can say the only item left from the original player is the outer platter!

    In the years since then I moved from the SME 3009 S2 arm moved on to a Grace arm the following year. In 1980 I had the 1st of 3 Ittoks fitted the first two after a couple of years developed bearing problems both replaced by Linn FOC. The last Ittok was fine when I sold it in 2004 on acquiring a Naim Aro which is still on my turntable.

    I went through all the Linn upgrades till 1992 with the installation of the Cirkus bearing kit. Along the way went from the red button to the Valhalla in the early 1980ís. I went and had a Lingo mk1 installed when released in 1992?

    When I had the Aro installed I couldnít put my finger on it but I wasnít happy with the Lingo went for an Armeggedon this to me was a big improvement.

    2007 I moved on and had a Dynavector DV20L installed as my 3rd Karma was showing signs of wear. Coming to near retirement (2014) I had a Khan installed at the same time moved the DV20L to my sonís LP12 and had a Micro Benz Wood SL installed.

    Soon after Tangerine Audio was formed Derek Jenkins ( RIP ) whom Iíve known for best part of 40 years and who has always looked after my turntable changed my Khan for a Karmen. Mark his able bodied partner told me that they had just developed a new sub chassis for the LP 12 so I had it installed in 2015 quickly followed by their new plinth which brings me up to date. In the same year I had a Kiseki Blue NS fitted so that is the story of my turntable.


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    I'm Rob.


    My first record deck was a Christmas present around 1981/82?. It was an Amstrad with (if memory serves) a built-in amp with the controls running parallel with the tonearm. Next was a Sony Midi System with CD player, cassette deck and turntable.
    Although these two record players are probably not classed as ‘proper’ turntables I think I got more enjoyment from them than any of the turntables which followed. It was all about the music then and not the gear…

    My first ‘proper’ deck (bought early 90’s) was a Rega Planar 2. Cartridge was whatever came with the Rega then I moved on to Ortofon’s. My first proper Phono Stage was a tiny Creek.

    I bought a LP12 second hand from my dealer. It had the classic afromosia plinth, Cirkus, Valhalla and a MK1 Akito arm. It didn’t take long before I fell down the rabbit hole of upgrades:
    From Akito MK1 to Akito MK2 to Ekos MK2 to Ekos SE
    From Valhalla to Lingo 2 to Radikal
    From original subchassis to Keel
    From Trichord Dino MK2 to Uphorik to Urika
    Other upgrades include Trampolin, new platter and changing the afromosia plinth to a Walnut one.

    After circa 15 years ownership I’d had enough of the upgrades and the feeling of never been satisfied. I was fed up of that nagging doubt the deck could be better, ‘’if only I had the latest upgrade?’’.
    In reality the more I spent on it the less I enjoyed listening to it. The higher the spec the more clinical and uninvolving I found the prestation. Another important thing to factor in was my mental health. I’ve suffered from depression since my mid-twenties. I’ve had numerous triggers over the years and money, or the lack of it being one such trigger. A couple of years back I’d got myself into some debt (nothing major but enough to play on my mind). After much thought I decided to sell my LP12*.

    Well Tempered Versalex: I’d loved the look of the Well Tempered decks for years. I went for a demo of a couple of decks, including a couple of the latest Rega’s (RP6 and 8) which were very enjoyable. We moved onto the WT Versalex and I loved the look straight away. Listening to the opening few minutes of Jeff Buckley’s Hallelujah the deal was sealed. Sublime spins to mind.

    *I sold my LP12 to the dealer and bought the Versalex ( I also bought a Trilogy 906 Phono Stage which I love too) and cleared my debts with the rest of the cash. Upgrades…I bought a MCRU LDA linear power supply and that’s it.
    I might try a few different mats as the original one does suffer from static cling.

    So what does the future hold? I have no plans to change my deck but I plan to build my own Bigbottle Phono Stage later this year. Exciting times.

    EDIT: Cartridges: I’ve only owned Ortofon cartridges, that trade-in scheme is hard to get out of. Laffin! I might try a Dynavector next though.
    Well Tempered Versalex, Ortofon Cadenza Black, Trilogy 906, MCRU LDA Linear PSU, Naim ND5 XS 2 , Exposure 3010S2D, Roksan TR-5 speakers, Spotfire Interconnects/Spotfire Reference speaker cable

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