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Thread: What's Your Dac?

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    I'm Pete.


    got to love the 2nd hand market for hifi as previously stated most items are extremely well looked after although u get an odd horror. Another good thing is 2nd hand stuff rarely looses value if you decide to sell on again. Sometimes even making money on your previous purchases.
    My first dac was beresford caimen with offboard power supply not sure on make. When looking for an upgrade i went to fanthorpes to listen to a m-dac+ and a hugo2. while there they also let me listen to a trade in hugo tt and a dave for comparison. TT was priced less than the hugo2 but preferred the new chip in the hugo 2 and couldnt realistically afford the dave, so bought the hugo 2. The TT certainly had a bigger soundstage and overall a better grip of the music but the hugo 2 just sounded so much clearer.
    Now hopefully i will be taking possession of a hugoTT2 in the near future off John will i'll let u know the difference when it lands. Next step on the journey is to find a roon ready streamer which i might start a different thread about once i finished reading numerous reviews on too many bits of kit lol.

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    I'm Keith.


    I have 3 dacs... (4 if you count a musical fidelity headphone dac that's been sat in a box for 3 years) My most used DAC is a Chord DAC64 - it looks and feels lovely, but also sounds good. I also have a MM30 module in my Primare i32 amp, which sounds a clear and detailed (possibly more so than the DAC64 in an A/B comparison?) but somehow fatigues on extended listening, whereas the DAC64 allows me to listen to the music and not to the system. I also have a Rega DAC (again, sat in a box - I must make use of the classifieds) which I could happily live with, but it doesn't quite dig out the detail that the Chord and Primare can, although it's a much cheaper unit.

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    I'm Steve.


    Currently have a Denafrips Ares II R2R DAC in my system. Love that is also has 5 inputs on such a compact unit.

    TT: 1986 Townshend Rock, 1980 Luxman PD264, 1978 Planar 3 in original condition. LP12 (work in progress).
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    Phono: Vincent PHO-8, Akitika MM.
    CDPs: California Labs CL15, Pioneer DVP 676A, Vincent CD-S4.
    Digi: Squeezeboxes. Yamaha WXC50. Denafrips Ares II.
    Amps: Copland CSA-29, Denon PMA250 II, a couple of cheap T amps, WHAMMY headphone Amp. First Watt DIY M2X, B1 Mesmerize Pre. Elekit TU-8500 Pre, Pass B1Korg DIY pre.
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    Headphones: AKG Q701, Massdrop / Hifiman HE-4XX.

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    I'm James.


    I've had more DACs than hot dinners, or at least it seems that way

    However, the one I use these days and also the one that's stuck around the longest it a Theta DS Pro Prime. I've got other arrangements for high bitrate, but honestly even at 16/44.1 the venerable old Theta usually gets it's licks in and outshines the higher bitrate gear. It's seen off quite a bit of kit and isn't likely to get shuffled off it's perch anytime soon
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    Cambridge Audio CXU / Theta DS Pro Prime

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    Usher Compass X-719

    May contain opinions that others find disturbing.

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    I'm Andrew.


    My current DAC is a Denafrips Pro-8 Mk1 which is not the same as the current R2R units that they currently make. Sadly I have not been able to find any details about the DAC nor what the architecture of the unit is. Frustrating for an enquiring mind but has no effect at all on how nice it sounds.

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    I'm Timothy.


    LinnenberG Telemann DAC/preamp, plus DAC's available in my Naim Uniti1 and ND5XS2 units.
    Holbo TT-Nag 110-Croft phono/Innuos Zen MK2/LinnenberG Telemann DAC-Preamp/LinnenberG Allegro monoblocs/Duevel Venus/LinnenberG Maestro SE-Senn. 660S DH Labs cabling

    Croft Series 7 amps, WLM La Scala, Naim Uniti1, Naim Nait XS3, Naim ND5XS2, Guru Junior

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    I'm Phil.


    Audionote dac sig 2.1x had the jolida dac before that both very musical warm and engaging , audionote more refined . phil.

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    I'm Andrew.


    Jolida glass fx III with clarity caps upgrade and a Xiang sheng dac 01a in the second system.

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    I'm Josie.


    Still using the ALLO Katana with the Shanti PSU... Still a great sound.
    TRIO L-07D Turntable - Tube Distinctions Copper Amp (Using KT150's) - Croft Epoch Elite (Very highly upgraded) - Studer A80R Master Recorder (High Speed 15/30 IPS) - 15" Tannoy Monitor Gold - Loudspeakers in Lockwood Major cabinets - Tannoyista SPEC 3 Custom Crossovers - VanDamme Black Speaker Cable - Allo KATANA SQ + SHANTI psu

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    I'm Andrew.


    Audion The Converter Reference DAC with separate PSU.
    2 x PCM63P, 2 x ECC88.
    Michell Orbe with Moerch DP-6 Gold Precision & Shure Ultra 500 / London Jubilee > Croft RIAA Phono R / Audion The Converter DAC > Audion Premier 2.0 > Audion Golden Night 300B/PX25 > Audio Nirvana 15" Classic Alnico with Tannoy ST200.

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