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Thread: Who can service a TD124 in the UK?

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    Default Who can service a TD124 in the UK?

    Hi all.

    This is for someone who asked recently.

    Can anyone recomend somebody in the UK who can service a TD124?


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    I'd send it to Hanze HiFi in Holland since it's just as easy as having it done in the UK. Jaap there knows more about these things than (I suspect) Thorens did when they made them, and certainly more than anyone else I know. For perfect motor servicing, proper checking of the runout of the various bearings, and correct centreing of the platter (If we're talking about a Mk2), Hanze HiFi are the best people.

    See https://www.hanzehifi.nl/wat-we-doen...horens-td-124/

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    I would also recommend Jaap. His ability to accurately test, measure and ensure correct function goes a very long way past a clean and lube.
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    Hi T.B.A.,
    Might I have the temerity to ask if you actually found a U.K. based specialist to overhaul your TD124?
    I've been considering having mine serviced for a couple of years, but I really didn't want to send it anywhere by courier.
    Unfortunately I now consider both myself & my vehicle to be 'too long in the tooth' to try transporting it 'overseas', and therefore would be interested in your reply.

    Mike Kelshaw

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