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Thread: Sky Booster in same room as system

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    Default Sky Booster in same room as system

    Is this likely to have an adverse effect on my system in terms of signal hum ?

    Would prefer it wasnt there but wife says this is where Sky have put it and on top of my speaker - cheek !!
    I will be moving it from there at the very least
    My System:
    Amplification - Sansui AU-alpha 707 DR
    Turntable - Technics SP10 MK2-Technics EPA-250 Tonearm-Yannis Tome 423.5Plus tonearm cable-Eichmann KLEI Absolute Harmony plugs. Ortofon Cadenza Black moving coil cartridge-Fritz Gyger S re-tip. Panzerholz plinth.
    CDP - Pioneer PD-91
    Speakers - Spendor D7 on Soundcare SuperSpikes
    QED Silver Spiral speaker cable-airloc banana plugs
    Mains - Ultra Pure silver plated un-switched socket-Missing link EPS 500 silver plated plugs-Hi-Fi Tuning gold plated silver ceramic 13 amp fuses

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    I don’t think you’ll have an issue with hum but there *could* be an issue with higher frequency RFI/EMI. If it’s serious you’ll probably notice something different in how experience listening to your hifi, such as a slight increase in hiss, a whistling noise or getting more listening fatigue.

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