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Thread: Tonearm identification

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    This arm is always given faint praise but it's very good with the right cartridge. A few years ago I got lucky with a TT purchase, it came with a V15111 with genuine MR stylus in mint condition. Knowing how well the cart is regarded I tried it on various arms - RB300, Jelco 750D (with v. light headshell) AC300 Mk2 (v. low mass arm). Well, the Shure didn't gell with any of them and I was left unimpressed.
    Some time after I had time on my hands and decided to make an armboard for the lowly GST1 that I had. But what cart to fit? I know I'll fit that crappy V15... Well, it sounded great!
    Now I could argue that the GST1 is better than a RB300, Jelco 750D, AC300 Mk2. I won't because that would be silly but it's certainly the best arm with the V15 in my system.

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    Here's the last few that sold on so that might give you an idea


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    Thank you all again.

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