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Thread: Hello, from a new (and ageing) member!

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    I'm David.

    Default Hello, from a new (and ageing) member!

    Hi. Apologies if this gets a bit rambling and boring - if so, please skip to the last line and send me a curt message telling me to not do it again.
    I am a retired teacher (hence the nickname), and I started my interest in hi-fi (I wish there was a better term for it than that!) when I was at university - I am embarrassed to admit that was over 40 years ago. Then, as an impoverished student (though by no means as bad as it is for students these days), I could not afford really good equipment; I remember looking at a pair of Quad IIs and Quad 22 in a specialist's shop window and drooling- I could have afforded the cardboard box, but not much else. Then life got in the way and expensive hobbies like audio had to take a back seat. Some 15 years ago my father died, and left me some money. I decided I would "re-visit" the 70s, and buy some of the great stuff that was around then, and specifically equipment that I had set my heart on at the time. It isn't all necessarily the best that there was then; nor is all of it likely to match up to the top-notch gear that is available now - but I've always wanted it! So it is that I now have a Thorens TD125 MkII, with SME MkV arm and Benz Micro Ace MC cartridge, a TD125 MkI with an SME 3009 (non-improved) with Shure V15 MkIV cartridge, Quad 44, Quad 34 and Quad 33 pre-amps, 405 MkII and 303 power amps, Quad 22 valve pre-amp, and two other tonearms: Acos Lustre GST1 and Audio Technica AT1005 MkII. I have just embarked on a project restoring a Sugden Connoisseur Craftsman III turntable (I have three in various states of disrepair, and am hoping I have enough working bits to make one very good one), which I am going to pair with the Quad 22 and two valve monoblocks which I am building (hopefully I will post more info about them in due course). But one of the key components that I fell in love with all those years ago was the Audio Technica AT-1007 tonearm. I have been searching for one for a few years now, and excitedly bid on one that appeared recently on eBay: but I was too late upping my bid in the last few seconds and lost it. So shortly in the WANTED section I will plead for anyone who has any idea where I might get one to come forward!
    That's me. Regardless of progress with securing the AT-1007 I will hope to be a regular visitor/browser to this excellent forum.
    Best wishes

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    I'm Alex.


    Hi David


    Quite a few older guys here!

    Some interesting stuff (anyway to me) that you've listed. eg. Quad, Lustre GST1, Connoisseur Craftsman III.

    Never got on with the Craftsman III, my BD1 performed better.

    A few paragraphs might have made easier reading! Sorry! I should talk, my English is not that good.

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    I'm Geoff.


    Hello David. Welcome to AOS.

    Looks as though you're having fun with your vintage gear. It has a good following here.

    You may struggle finding an AT-1007, they are very scarce now, although Hi-Fi Shark site may be worth keeping an eye on.

    Feel free to join in any threads that interest you, everybody is friendly.

    Enjoy the forum,
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    I'm Shane.


    Howdy! Welcome to AOS.

    Have fun.

    Shane Lonergan.

    Home Hi-Fi Chat UK (Facebook Group)

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    I'm Adrian.


    Welcome, you have some nice gear.
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    I'm Dave.


    Another Dave - welcome.

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    I'm Alex.


    Quote Originally Posted by hifi_dave View Post
    Another Dave - welcome.
    Many years ago, I worked for a large company, I had two bosses. Both were named John Smith, offices next to each other.

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    Welcome to AoS Dave.

    Looks like we are of similar 'vintage' and lusted after similar items when we were younger. Like you, I later acquired some Thorens, SME and Quad gear, much of which is still in use.

    Your Connoisseur Craftsman III turntables are rare, so I hope you can put together one decent sample from the three you have. The Quad 22 preamp is very dated now (and sounds it), and unless you have a lot of LPs made before the universal adoption of the RIAA playback equalisation, I would say forget it. The Quad 22 took it's 330V and 6.3V power supplies from one of the Quad IIs, so your proposed DIY monoblocks would have to provide this. However I do love the looks of the 22.

    What speakers do you use, and what are your tastes in music?

    Enjoy the Forum

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