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Thread: Second hand con artists.

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    Iíve had packages thrown over the fence by Hermes and put in wheelie bins,I wouldnít use them if they were free,and if I know a company use them to deliver I donít shop there anymore.
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    Quote Originally Posted by zzag View Post
    Hi, I have quite a lot of experience with logistics and delivery companies. Under UK law it is you who chose to send it by Hermes the customer had no choice in the matter. Now there is things you can do.
    1 Make sure you use a logistics company that uses GPS all the time.
    2 If there is a dispute you will check the GPS location when the item was signed for!
    3 If the item was delivered to the address GPS proof then the customer is trying it on, if the GPS states the item was delivered somewhere else then the courier can either get it back or pay out.
    If it's a block of flats and signed for at the entrance you don't know if the courier tried other bells and handed it over to any Tom Dick or Sally. The only option for me is to use a respectable company that doesn't employ drivers on zero hours contracts but has permanent employees like UPS. Someone will probably now tell me UPS has gone that way.

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