Hi and welcome to The Art of Sound. Here's the place to start a 'hello' thread when you first arrive, make your introduction and get yourself known to us. But before you make your first post, please take the time to read Our Ethos for the site, it's light hearted and informative (the Ethos and the site) and we like our members to reflect that in their posts and their respectful nature towards others. Remember to fill in your profile as completely as you wish, the more info you pop in there the more other members know about yourself and the system you listen through.

Also, please check out the sites in our Links Box located in Creative Collections; first class dealers, manufacturers and hi-fi related paraphenalia.

If you're in the trade then please PM any of us Admin guys using a link below, to arrange the opening of a trade account, and we'll ensure that you gain the appropriate rank. The choices are:

  • Dealer
  • Distributor
  • Journalist
  • Manufacturer
  • Manufacturer & Dealer
  • Manufacturer & Distributor