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The stands for the J,s were likely to be pirates, or could be hoygans which were the same thing really.

I had a pair of H2,s with the series 500 did not like it at all, I had a biamped 2nd audio set up with 1000 pre which sounded great. I had that with the Voyd Reference turntable, Cylene tonearm and audionote ioltd nice set up it was. I moved onto a pair of H1,S which seemed to work better with high powered amps I ended up with a EAR 549 and G88 set up should never have sold the G88 it was a lovely pre. The series 500 worked well with the snell e,s I once had. I ended up with every snell speaker at the time up to the mighty A 111.
Yes I found the A500 to have a sightly bright presentation, even though it was very smooth and musical pairing with speakers with it was important. I tried many different speakers with it and move to KEF Ref 3.2's which worked very well, a bit more punch than the Snell J's.