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    I'm Richard.

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    Hi Marco,
    I see that the recent 'Bullshitting' thread has now been locked. I appreciate that you probably felt that enough had been said on the subject and was deteriorating.

    Do you feel that the topic was inappropriate for the site?

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    Nope, Richard, not at all. Aside from what you got out of it, exposing some folk's (previously hidden) agendas is always a useful exercise!

    Now, obviously I must close this thread, to prevent any repetition of the previous one. Thanks again for your input, and if you have anything in future you need to discuss, don't hesitate to do so, either here or via PM to myself or one of the mods

    No reasonable person here, with genuine concerns and a *constructive* agenda, will ever be gagged!

    Proud anti-establishment/elite 'heretic', motivated to expose widespread Establishment bias, cover-ups and mind-control!

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