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Thread: Amber Rubarth Sessions from the 17th ward.

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    Default Amber Rubarth Sessions from the 17th ward.

    Any one heard this ?
    I ordered it from a seller in Berlin called Grooveland.
    It will take for ever to get to the U.S.
    It is a Chesky album recorded in Binaural, I guess thats a cool new thing.

    I have her New Green Lines album.
    And her voice is different but I like it.
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    I'm Adrian.


    I gave her a listen on TIDAL, not my cuppa tea I'm afraid.
    Listening is the act of aural discrimination and dissemination of sound, and accepting you get it wrong sometimes

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    I just got the CD from Grooves.Land in Berlin .
    This is the first time I have ever heard a Binaural recording. It was one of the best recordings I have ever heard.
    I could see not everyone may be a fan, she is probably a love or hate artiest for most people.
    The 1st track is the Song Hold on by Tom Waits I think she nailed it.
    I really enjoyed the song Novocaine and Bob Dylan's just like a woman, a lot.
    Everything on the CD sounds great and it is what we used to call an album not just a couple hits and the rest of the tracks are just obstacles to the next good song.
    I don't like CD's where you have to keep on finger on the skip button, and this is not one of those. You will love or hate the whole CD.

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    I'm Rob.


    She's on Bandcamp

    There is also this on YouTube:

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    I'm Eamonn.


    Really like Amber Rubarth, fave albums Wild Flowers in the Graveyard and Scribbled Folk Symphonies
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