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Thread: Alexa related question.

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    Default Alexa related question.

    In the past I’ve used Spotify (caused me no end of problems, even on the Naim Muso (ask Stratmangler,)

    Deezer, and currently on Tidal, there is however currently a problem on some new releases as they have used mp4a is it? As opposed to mp4, which the Naim machine doesn’t like, there is an update somewhere in the pipeline to solve this.

    But I’m getting lazy, and want to utilise my Echo/Alexa, to save that back breaking scrolling with my finger on my iPad! ��. But, despite the fact that you can use both Tidal and Apple Music through the Echo things, you can’t here in the UK, again, they tell us that it’s in the pipeline, well Tidal at least.

    Now, Amazon Music is native to Amazon Echo and the other devices in the family, and, whilst I admit my hearing isn’t as good as it was 20 years ago, I’m not hearing too much of a loss in SQ when using it.
    I have my Echo linked via Bluetooth to the Naim Muso, is this the best way to do it, and if not what are your suggestions please?

    It’s like waiting for Christmas to come aroundwhen it’s only just Boxing Day waiting to catch up with what is already released in the States...November 15 they got Tidal via Alexa!

    PS, Spotify streams at 320, Amazon at 256, am I going to hear the difference on my nightclub and radio station headphones turned up too loud , abused hearing?
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    I have an Echo Dot connected to my Amptastic Mini 1 via a mini jack plug in the dot to RCA plugs into the amp. The lead cost about 3 quid on Amazon. Sounds ok, but when I tried my laptop using the same lead but into its headphone socket I thought the sound was a bit better, a bit livelier and detailed somehow. And this was using Spotify's free version (the one with adverts) as opposed to Amazon Prime with the Dot.

    My hearing is pretty crap, and speakers used are just some Celestion 5s, which aren't the most revealing of speakers, but I could tell the difference. I imagine your Naim gear will be rather more revealing.
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