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Thread: Hidizs ap80 red portable music player brand new.

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    Default Hidizs ap80 red portable music player brand new.

    here a brand new ap80 music player. I ordered it through kickstarter when first announced but got impatient whilst waiting. Ive only removed cellophane to look at it. It comes with a extra case and armband.
    This is what it costs from amazon...https://www.amazon.co.uk/HIDIZS-AP8....ds=hidizs+ap80

    Id like 110 delivered or can be collected from kent/surrey.87583ED9-A5B9-4F7F-BA1D-1DDEE86A2799.jpgA9424BAC-B6DE-47C4-AEC3-2DD16A5CA9A4.jpg66769056-3269-4630-84F1-DCD7EA789AA8.jpg87583ED9-A5B9-4F7F-BA1D-1DDEE86A2799.jpgA9424BAC-B6DE-47C4-AEC3-2DD16A5CA9A4.jpg66769056-3269-4630-84F1-DCD7EA789AA8.jpg87583ED9-A5B9-4F7F-BA1D-1DDEE86A2799.jpgA9424BAC-B6DE-47C4-AEC3-2DD16A5CA9A4.jpg66769056-3269-4630-84F1-DCD7EA789AA8.jpg
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    Hi that link doesn't work for me

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    Thanks technobear!

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    Still available?

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    Hi Phil, you have PM
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    Sorry it sold ages ago.

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