I recently picked up a Technics SL10 linear tracker for the study, to replace my 401 in advance of a SP10 project (which may end up in the living room anyway, so the SL10 could be here long-term). I must say I'm well impressed by its performance especially after I located a Pickering TL-3 p-mount cartridge for it ... my intention is to acquire an original Technics 310 MC cartridge for it.

My study setup is sounding superb at the moment - the SL10, a Gate Audio valve pre with phono stage, Croft Series 4 EL84 PPP amp, Sony CDP-555ESD, Arcam R-Blink for streaming iPlayer Radio and Spotify - in fact any of these could slot into my main system without feeling like much of a downgrade. Speakers are Tannoy DC6 which are perfect for the study which is a small room, though the fact is the Croft could drive anything of reasonable sensitivity. Only down-side is no remote on the preamp.

However, as currently stands, it takes up a lot of space and I'm curious as to whether there is a sympathetic visual and sonic match among either classic high-end Technics gear or Sony ES, to keep the small footprint theme going of the SL10, that wouldn't compromise on the sound but would look a little less random and also take up less space in a room that's very tight. I guess the challenge is - silver coloured and 30cm width, matching CDP and amp with phono stage, able to drive the little Tannoys ... any thoughts? I guess the budget is about 1k all up for amp + CDP.

I've started the thread here as it's a genuine WTB, but also open for discussion so if a mod thinks it's inappropriate here then please do move it.

I've had a look around on ebay and the vintage knob and it's not as straightforward an ask as you might think.