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Thread: Bottom shakers

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    Default Bottom shakers

    I have been asked about amplifiers for "bottom shakers" - transducers which fit in seats and give a low frequency throbbing for DVDs and Blu Rays in a home cineam surround sound system.

    It seems to me that there ought to be specialist amplifiers for this kind of kit, with a good response between (say) 5Hz and 200 Hz, then tapering off rapidly to (say) 500 Hz.

    To make the tranducers work I think it is possible to use wide band amplifiers, though they don't need a flat response above (say) 200 Hz, and should really be used with a low pass filter to shape the overall response.

    Does anyone know about this kind of kit? What price would good amps be?
    For a multi seat installation, it would also be good to have a volume control on each output channel, as some people might fancy more, and some rather less, throbbing. Two seats can be done with a stereo amp - the balance control can function to shift the vibrations between the seats - but as mentioned - there is no need for a wide band amp for this application.

    I'm not sure whether low distortion in the amp is important for the transducers used. One might think not, but it might turn out to be important.

    Does anyone have experience of this kind of equipment - and does it really enhance enjoyment?

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