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Thread: Quad (IAG) service experiences. Thumbs down from me . . .

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    I wanted to send my 985 up as I had a crack on the left speaker so wanted new panels all round.
    I couldn't get any idea of timeline from them at all, I wanted to know if we were talking days, weeks, months or maybe a year?
    But they said it could be any of the above, so I moved them on cheap.

    Sounds like a dodged a bullet. Haha
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    Sadly all the experienced service engineers at Quad's Huntingdon site have either retired or are very close to retiring. Quad was bought by Farad Azima of Mission, along with some other notable established British brands and grouped together as the IAG (International Audio Group). This in turn was sold to the Chinese, as Farad Azima wanted to pursue development of planar loudspeaker NEXT technology.

    The Chinese clearly bought it up for "the name", but were keen to develop new products (said to have been designed at Huntingdon), unlike other well regarded names in the IAG: Wharefedale for example. Initially this went well, but some Chinese sourced components (capacitors especially) used were found to be inferior, to the detriment of sound quality and to Quad's reputation.

    Quad is no longer the same company it once was - sad to see such a once well regarded company go this way.

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    I agree it is a shame. However, the impact here is two fold. Substituting parts for inferior ones in the name of profiteering and Penny pinching is common place, especially after takeovers. I'm not justifying or excusing that it's just not unusual.

    Where they could have redeemed themselves (or at least shown some pride/professionalism) is within their customer service department. Regardless of takeover most of the management personnel remain. From what I have experienced they didn't put up much of a fight to guard the reputation of a once well respected company. They have survived only because the many people with Quad products rely on regular maintenance of their kit and are loyal to their detriment.

    I met a guy in there who said he'd been back 3 times in a month as his speakers still weren't right after waiting 6 months and shelling out 2k overall.

    They seem well beyond salvaging and don't even exhibit the behaviour which would warrant it, or encourage anyone to do so.

    This being the case I'd much rather see my hard earned going to a more deserving party anyway.
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