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Thread: The Brexit effect on HiFi?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crackles View Post

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    Why do people take any notice of these invented complications and their illogical ramifications?

    Whatever the EU standard is simply becomes the British standard after Brexit, believe it or not we used to import electronics from abroad before the EU standard came along.

    Even IF we wouldn't accept the EU standard marking anymore does anybody actually believe that manufacturers will lose the UK business over it? I don't know how much our market is worth but I bet it's substantial
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    Quote Originally Posted by Marco View Post
    I know it's almost unthinkable, but we could be forced into drinking some vulgar dirge from the New World!

    As some friends of mine do, when you reach your destination, buy up all the wine you like, and have it shipped UPS to your house! The store you buy at will quite often take care of it for you. No carrying bottles on the plane.

    Here in the US only a few states have recreational marijuana sales. In VA where I live it’s still completely illegal. But people I know fly to Colorado and shop for their favorites, and the store ships it back to them UPS right to their door in VA. Sounds illegal? Probably is. But unlike the US post office, UPS really doesn’t care what’s in the box.

    If you order from Italy while in the UK, they’ll have to charge you the tax, but if you buy it in Italy, and then ship, well that’s different.

    Just my two cents. The EU has a lot of dead weight. It is likely that once separate from the EU, the Sterling will do quite well, while the Euro will flounder further. A stronger currency always gives better buying power.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Crackles View Post

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    Classic Remoaner knickers in a twist about something that will never actually be an issue. Its highly unlikely there will ever be divergence on these matters and the industry knows this. Still the news media loves a good vested interest whinge dressed up as a ‘warning’.
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