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Thread: Plug top USB choice

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    Default Plug top USB choice

    We’ve all seen those plug sockets with the built in USB ports for charging phones etc yes?

    My question is : There are normally a choice of two, the more powerful one (as far as amperage of the USB I believe) and this one is twice the price of the lesser powered one, but I have no idea which one I need!

    I’ve been told that the more powerful is the one as it will charge whatever I attach to it quicker.
    But does that damage the battery?

    Help please.

    PS, the header should say socket, and not plug.
    Naim Mu-So
    And other stuff.

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    The device you’re connecting will pull the current it needs to - you’re more likely to overheat an under-rated socket than an over-rated one, but neither should damage your battery.

    Just make sure the current rating of the unit you chose is the same or higher than the item plugged into it and you’ll be fine.

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    Thanks for that!
    Naim Mu-So
    And other stuff.

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    There was a report conducted a few years ago on these...


    I would recommend sticking with well known and established manufacturers of these. Some manufacturers do not specify what (if any?) overcurrent protection they have.

    Also check what depth backbox they require, a standard backbox is usually 25mm.

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    I would not invest in such a device since they do not employ smart charging technology. They are probably fine for basic usb devices but smart charging technology is developing so rapidly that they will be obsolete in a short period of time.

    Better to go for a plug in usb smart charger.


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