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Thread: The Bigbottle Audio Price List

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    Default The Bigbottle Audio Price List

    The Price list!

    SPOTFIRE REFERENCE Interconnect - Made from some of the purest copper on Earth! KLE Absolute Harmony Plugs, Carbon Infused Braiding and high Silver content Solder.

    0.5m - 215
    1M - 240
    1.5m - 260
    2M - 280

    + 9 RMND (UK)

    SPOTFIRE Interconnect Cables - Made from some of the purest copper on Earth! KLE Copper Harmony plugs and the finest high Silver content Solder, They offer performance way above their price tag.

    0.5m - 140
    1M - 165
    1.5m - 180
    2M - 200

    + 9 RMND (UK)

    SPOTFIRE Tonearm Cable - Using the same purity copper and dielectric as the SPOTFIRE Interconnect, KLE Copper Harmony plugs, 24ct Gold plated pure copper STRAIGHT DIN plug and the finest high Silver content Solder, This arm cable has a reputation for reliability and excellence.

    1.2m - 125

    + 9 RMND (UK)

    SPOTFIRE Speaker Cable - Ultra pure Copper, Multi-core cable, finished with 24ct Gold Plated Copper Spades or Bananas, Your choice! Includes UK delivery.

    1m Pair - 240.00

    1.5m Pair - 275.00

    2m Pair - 320.00

    2.5m Pair - 355.00

    3M Pair - 395.00

    3.5m Pair - 430.00

    4m Pair - 470.00

    BBA Phono Junction Box - A device that will allow you to use any RCA to RCA cable with your tonearm. A short length of Spotfire Wire between the 5 pin DIN and the junction box. Valab RCA sockets neatly fitted into a small footprint Hammond project box. available flanged for fixing to a solid surface.

    85 + 9 Postage & Packaging

    BBA Passive Preamp - A passive preamp made with personally selected, high quality parts. Aluminium Chassis, Khozmo 48 Stepped attenuator, Elma Switch, Spotfire pure copper wire, Valab RCA sockets and high Silver content Solder, as always.

    600 + 20 Postage and Packaging

    'Full Fat' DCB1 Unity Gain Preamp - The ever popular DIY preamp is still gaining recognition in the audiophile world. Ultra transparent and capable of devastating even the most expensive preamps out there, it remains one of the best Audiophile bargains. Built to run at 1.2A, every component is hand selected and matched, custom wound transformer and Spotfire wire. The Full Fat version takes this pre to a whole new level.

    950 + 20 Postage and packaging
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